My first cukes of the season and a long fun Saturday

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The day began at 5:30 AM. I awoke and began setting out my junk... er... stuff out in the front yard for the sale. 2 streets down I could hear the Terrace Block sale was already in full swing. In fact, it was the sound of cars in the neighborhood that woke me... probably yard-sale addicts roving around for that great early buy.

Scary Squirrel Man arrived with his goods at about 6:30. The "boys" shortly after. We were all set and ready to go within 20 minutes. Parking spaces on the street was being snapped up fast. Business was slow at first but by 10:30 both SSM and I had completed most of our sales for the day. Each of us made about... perhaps I'll leave out the actual figure in case the watchful Mr. Taxman is reading this post. Lets just say we did OK. We packed up by 12:30 with the promise that a meat burning would occur at 4 to celebrate the profitable morning.

My first 2 cukes of the season! Posted by Hello

At 3:10 PM SSM and I head to Albertson's to buy grub for the meat burning. We decided that we would roast chickens in the barbecue. I prep the marinade and rub the birds as SSM puts his arson skills to good use firing up the coals. We are eventually joined by Mr. CJ, Jag & Devon and the 2 Johns. I show off my vegetable garden and pick the first cucumber of the season.

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  1. Blogger scarysquirrelman 

    you now it's time to be scared when the Cukes outsize the Bass.

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