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Granted, I was 20 minutes late for said appointment with SSM. I order a drink and leave a message with him, "Hey man... I'm here. Where are you?"

I order myself a drink. The place is filling up. Mind you, its only 6:50 PM but word had spread like a virus and everyone who were regulars or wanted to be seen were pouring in and being poured at the bar.

7:15: The cell rings as I'm conversing with a sweet but forgetful older lady at the next table. (I remember her asking the same 2 questions 4 times within the span of 10 minutes.) Anyway, it's SSM... drunk off his patootie on the other end. "Hey... I must have just missed you... I was there... they ran out of beer...had 3 Stockholms... I'm home... What? ... Nah, I better stay home... come over..."

Yeah. Whatever. Called Airplanejayne and invited her to join me. Ordered dinner (rack of lamb)... mmmm. Chatted with the regulars. A TV crew shows up to report on the proceedings. It was all sort of like a funky wake. Some bleary eyed. Others misty eyed. Most just plain drunk... and getting drunker by the pour.

Airplanejayne arrives. We spend the rest of the time chatting... and observing the shenannigans as the evening wears on. At 11 we decide that its time to leave.

Walking away into the night I pondered what really made the Planet what it was. The cool Art Deco design? The whiff of swank? The fixed price menu? All said and done... it was the unique fellowship that we found there on any given night. Any place, nomatter how hep or swank, is nothing without the fellowship. That I will miss.

last shot of an open door at the Daily Planet Posted by Hello

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  1. Blogger scarysquirrelman 

    ha ha ha. scary squirrel man was not drunk...he was, um, out of his tree.

  2. Blogger Lelly 

    Hey lecram! I spent my saturday in the company of shirtless men too! (see my blog...please!)AND with lightweight friend who unable to take the pace have to go home early...shame on you SSM!

  3. Blogger lecram sinun 

    lelly, yeah... I read your blog today.
    Will leave a comment soon. Got to jet to a meeting now.

  4. Blogger airplanejayne 

    it was a great evening. Thanks for the call and the company! Alas, we had to settle for drunken shirtless guy, instead of
    drunken shirtless scary squirrel man.

  5. Blogger kien lim 

    Cor! I feel somewhat sad. I really liked the place. Guess no chance of a Daily Planet T shirt in small then?

  6. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Kien, let me ask around and see if I can score one for you.

  7. Blogger kien lim 

    Ta lecram.....sweet potato with skin on fries, Nate on piano, smokers by the entrance, all gone.........! So what happening to the Daily Planet?

  8. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Long story. Dottie who owned the Tower - infact the whole block died. Her kids want to sell the property. Hannah who owned the Planet had a stroke last year. Heard something that between those 2 elements and the lease not being renewed... they decided to close the doors.

    Oh well... lifemoves on.

  9. Blogger scarysquirrelman 

    and shame on you lelly for not even being there. at least i showed up, which is more than you did. and don't give me that tired line about living on some continent i can't even see when i go to the beach. i'm starting to think it doesn't even exist and it's just an excuse y'all use to skip on get-togethers.

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