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I've been reading and compiling my catalog of plays of late. Looking at them for editing consideration. I think this is going to be a Summer long endevour.

Poster from The Crimson Cobra Posted by Hello
My entire motivation is spurred by the fact that I need to post them on my site "" so that perhaps they will be picked up for production somewhere. This could also mean some royalty money to pay for the odd drink or 2. I've had about 5 of them listed on the now defunct Daramatic Exchange since 1998. Those little gems were produced all around Canada, the US, France, Australia, Scotland and Singapore. Not bad for a 'serani boy' from Kampung Pandan.

I've noticed that I named the protagonist in at least 2 plays, "Jack." An innocous enough name until one gets to the italicized directions (Jack off stage right.) Yes, I'll cop to the fact that I did this on purpose... especially with the "family" musical "Jack:Beyond the Beanstock."

On a totally unrelated subject... talk about a pack rat.

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  1. Blogger airplanejayne 

    the next time my mom accuses me of being a pack rat, I will show her this. I'd recommend TLC Clean Sweep, but I think this house is even too much for them....

  2. Blogger airplanejayne 

    Totally unrelated to above, BUT
    Thanks for tip on posting pic - it worked.
    thanks for bringing Junkologists -- it worked too!

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