Friday Night Out!

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The night began at Full Circle Brewery where we drank freshly brewed beers and experienced both the All Too Real Players and the jangly pop of Trike Shop. Even SSM put aside his homicidal weekend schedule to join in the fun. The turnout was low but fun was had by all. JunkPuppetry, the moanful wail of the theremin, beers and easy fellowship... all ingredients for the begining of a fun evening.

the true nature of SSM unveiled Posted by Hello

We then moved the party to an "event" over at the 3 Brush Gallery (which was conveniently located across from Fresno Community Hospital.) The place was peppered with the young and beautiful. The DJ was spinning ambient cool as fire dancers performed in the parking lot below. There was a cover charge but also an "open bar." After a while of kebitzing and being cool we collectively decided to have a nightcap at Livingstone's.

The crew sucking on booze at 3 Brush Posted by Hello

Somehow SSM lost his way but we ended up having a good time despite the fact that the the joint was hopping from overflowing late-nite crowd. This just goes to prove that Friday Nights in Fresno can be fun.

7 Responses to “Friday Night Out!”

  1. Blogger airplanejayne 

    Fun time!! As usual, Marcel knew just the right place to be, at the right time. How does he do that? Many were interested in SSM, but he forgot to stock his pockets.....maybe he didn't get lost, he was just filling/feeling his pockets?
    Good nachos and quesadillas at Livingstones with Chris and the 2 Johns.
    And yes, I had two "real" drinks...before I switched to water.
    Can't wait for Cyberque and Beetles extravaganza on Saturday.

  2. Blogger thereminman 

    The crowd at Full Circle for TrikeShop and AllTooReal was intimate, but real fun.
    It felt like a house party.
    Most fun I've had performing in a longggg time. Thanks to Lecram and crew for being part of the brew.
    Me too looking forward to BBQ and beeedil'ing

  3. Blogger scarysquirrelman 

    somehow i ended up in the emergency unloading zone at the hospital. that is one tricky bit of driving to get out of that place. fortunately, robertito's was just around the corner and the perfect solution to too much happy imbibing.

  4. Blogger Lelly 

    Crikey! Go away for a week and everyones blogs have blossomed!
    Looks like the cyberque is not actually gonna occur chez lelly or chez blith due to lack of geographic co-ordination this end...poor show, I know! But may 'virtually' join you if I may? if the time difference is not too extreme? What time are you kicking off?

  5. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Even if you cannot gather collectively... we do still expect you to be there.

    If you have a webcam all the better. You'll have to downl;oad Yahoo messenger, setup a yahoo ID and email it to me. I will set it up so that you can at least get a webcam feed from here.

    We will be starting at noon our time.... which weill be 8 PM London time and 3 PM New Jersey time.

  6. Anonymous Anonymous 

    The one and only!Still can't be arsed to sort the name out,but i have been working furiosly on my Landscaping for Luddites blog,although with my cyber skills,that may still take awhile.Web cam!!!!???
    Lovely pic of SSM.Is he really that evil?

  7. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Lud boi!
    Yes, SSM is the most evil diabolical person we know.

    Cool to have you on.

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