SF and the end of an era

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So, we get to San Francisco. Park the car saunter over to the Essex... and the door is locked! On the window we see this notice. (click on the pic for a bigger picture.)

The notice Posted by Hello
What??? It closed??? I was dumbfounded. This was MY place. It was a quaint old hotel (with great rates) that was a home away from home when I was up in the City. I've had many a good time there. The owner, staff and I were like family.

This was THE place I recommended to all my friends ... many of whom would sometimes get discount rates just by dropping my name. It was the spot in the city where we indulged in rooftop parties. Now all of that would never be again.

The Essex Posted by Hello
So, we checked in across the street at the Air Travel Hotel... bigger rooms but not as quaint. I was mourning the loss of the Essex... so, we proceeded down to Kaplan's on Market Street where I proceeded to drown my sorrows by purchasing a new pair of boots.

I had an appointment to meet up with and old school chum, Jonathan Mudueideen at 6. To kill the time I decided to introduce Randy to one of my favorite watering holes-Red's Corner. We sit at the bar and we are immediately assulted by notices on the wall announcing that "Red's is Closing" at the end of the month! First the Essex and now Red's???

Red's Corner Posted by Hello

Now the drink becomes bitter-sweet. Many a time I have slurpped a Bloody Mary while watching the locals, touristas and freaks mingle in there. Now thats not to be as well??? What is going on?? I secretly blame the yuppies and the growing yuppification of the city. Why don't they just stay in Marin???

Inside Red's Posted by Hello

We meet up with Jonathan and proceed to Original Joe's. Is that place closing down as well?? Thankfully it's not. There is however a 30 minute wait for tables. This gives us "catch-up time" with Jonathan and Steven who also joins us at the bar. I have not seen Jonathan in 25 years so there is quite a bit of catching up to do.

From left to right... me, Steven, Jonathan & Randy having dinner at Original Joe's Posted by Hello

On my drive back today I reflected on the short trip. Buddha was right. Nothing is permanent.

6 Responses to “SF and the end of an era”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Yea, the Essex was my hotel too.

    Good to see you finally bought your boots!

  2. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Now the search is on for a NEW hotel.

  3. Blogger Trashed 

    I thought you had Jo M's email. Could have saved you a few yrs from the 25 ! Did he tell you about his near-death experience in the Atlantic ?

    What were the Lecram Sinun rates at the Essex ?

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Lud boy here,
    It's weird when you go back to a favorite place to find it's no longer there.Almost as if you kinda dreamt the whole thing.There can"t be too much left of the KL you knew.
    Hear the one about the Yogi who couldn't vaccum his carpet?
    He lost all his attachments.

  5. Blogger lecram sinun 

    The Lecramrates at the Essex were
    $49 single
    $59 double
    $69 suite

  6. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Lud Boy,
    You're that landscaper/set builder guy, arn't you?

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