Strange thinking

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I was driving to pick up some Mediterranean food today thinking of all my favorite places that have recently closed it doors. There have been so many! Last week I discovered that my favorite Chinese place went down as well. What's a guy to do? They had the best "kung fu chow" in town.

So, I have a soft spot for the mom-and-pop-hole-in-the-wall sort of place. I think that this stems from when I was growing up in Malaysia. Conventional thought ingrained in me had it that if a place was too "pretty" the food couldn't be all that good. Besides, the street food in Malaysia totally rocks... despite the aesthetic! (see pic)

See, it was all a matter of focus. This somewhat skewered logic dictated that the "focus" and energy was spent on the aesthetics... which meant that there was little left for the food. As a result, I have always gone out of my way to seek out the little local hovels with good food... and have been quite successful. (Just ask my friends of the strange little out of the way places I have taken them to.) But now all these places are closing.

This little observation is strangely related to my ongoing period of rediscovery. I'm convinced at the moment that I have forgotten how to write a play. The fact that I have 49 plays to my name does not bring me solace. Between work and producing, my focus has shifted. I guess the solution to my conundrum lies in either shutting down or re-focusing.

5 Responses to “Strange thinking”

  1. Blogger Myron 

    Women Forced into Prostitution by German Government.

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    The madness of Socialism must be stop!

  2. Blogger scarysquirrelman 

    um...yeah. what he said...what did he say?

  3. Blogger kien lim 

    Are the hole in the wall places closing down because of financial failure or success? I always hear of Ah Wah saying the same thing but only because they made their fortunes and moved on.

    Your bicycling skills will return. Don't forget, usually it's 99 percent swe....perspiration.

  4. Blogger thereminman 

    mcdonalds is of medium quality, but it is safe and predictable.
    Art is never predictable.
    Mom and Pop stores are not ALWAYS brilliant, but Mcdonalds is NEVER brilliant.

  5. Blogger thereminman 

    so, you wanna be WORLD DOMINATION big, or you wanna be BRILLIANT. To wanna be BRILLIANT , you must believe there's a HIGHER JUDGE than
    being MCdonald's big.
    We just (like 7 hours ago) played in LA. Not a big crowd, but they were people that were INto it.
    Non-Ncdonalds? hmmmmmm. It requires LOVE SOMETHING.
    (I made enough to pay for Chicken and Waffles for someone who helped a lot.)
    Love to Mr. Lecram. He's got it.

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