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I attended a seminar yesterday that introduced the new Adobe CS2 package. Hot Damn! Don't get me wrong... I do OK with what I have but the new "wow" features have me salivating to get the suite. I can't even remotely consider or afford it at the moment so I'll just continue creating with what I have.

The free seminar was held at a local hotel with free grub and drink. To break up any monotony there were free give-aways ... none of which I won. But it was nice to get the free airconditioning and nosh anyway.

Did some online shopping and spent company money today. The lighting system we own just got bumped from 12 to 20 channel capability. Another $600 - $1000 will complete the package.

I may have to drive in the heat of the day to get to a grant seminar... oy vey!

UPDATE: 12:30 PM
Great... now the world press has picked up on this story. AP has one too and someone has started a site to help the girl. Here is a video of the story. Personally, I think everybody is suffering from heat stroke.

3 Responses to “my inner geek”

  1. Blogger airplanejayne 

    as I remain, perfectly balanced on top of the fence....

    Neighbor boy was 6 yrs old.

    Yes, I'm sure the cops over-reacted (common), BUT

    If ya' kick and bite at a cop, whatdaya think he's gonna do?

  2. Anonymous Scary Squirrel Man 

    i have a bb gun scar, two rock fight scars, and many memories of doing something like what this girl did or had done to me. and the most vivid memory of it all is being forced to apologise to another kid for throwing a rock at her after she had yelled very mean things at me. however, it was my parents who made me say the sorry thing. not police, not a helicopter. my parents. and it has stayed with me all my life.
    they mirandized her twice in english (they had to know she wouldn't understand even if she were fluent) and then told the press what a little terrorist she must be, because she wanted to make the other kid bleed. nice. this is why i am leery of calling the cops for anything short of absolute mayhem. since they are going to overreact (publicity is everything) it might as well be for something that warrants it.

  3. Blogger Mustang 

    Terrorists, murderers, rapists, drug cartels, prostitution, child pornography, incest, abuse, corporate pilaging, political chicanery, and yet the police in my charming town find time to harrass a poor kid over a rock.

    She is lucky the cops didn't find her with that rock in her hand. Sometimes those fake rocks look like the real thing, and the cops can't take chances, so they woulda dropped her...just to be safe. Those big caliber rocks can go right through a Kevlar vest.

    Suprise they didn't just stand-off and snipe her. That would have been safest.

    Just goes to show how escalation can lead to bad situations. First somebody flicks a booger, then the other person heaves a water ballon, all hell breaks loose and a rock flies, and the next thing you know the whole damn neighborhood is sprayin' and prayin' the 'ol 9mm MAC around to drop the little brat with the loaded fist....


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