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11 Responses to “Looking forward to...”

  1. Blogger jade ed girl 

    It is just too freakin' hot!!! I want some of those ice pants. Or here's an idea: One of those Wonder Water Bras- frozen. I suppose condensation might become an issue, but what the hell.

  2. Blogger Mustang 

    California, n.: From Latin "calor", meaning "heat" (as in English "calorie" or Spanish "caliente"); and "fornia" for "sexual intercourse" or "fornication." Hence: Tierra de California, "the land of hot sex."

    Ed Moran

  3. Blogger blitheringblogs 

    thats too hot.

    I thought the word "forni" would derive from fire (Greek word for fire is something like "forno")

    So doesnt "California" come from "hot fire".. something to do with all that volcanic activity?

    Sorry to be serious... its too early in the morning fo me to be frivolous and to be honest i didnt understand teh comnnection between mustang's post and the original post about teh weather! (except the tenuous reference to the word "hot"!)!

  4. Blogger kien lim 

    I am not envious.

  5. Blogger airplanejayne 

    my AC is on a thermostat...to save me money by not coming on until inside temp = 80degrees.
    my AC woke me up this morning by coming on.....AT 4:58am!!!!

    yes, kien, of this you should not be envious.

    buy hey, Mustang! I'm liking the whole language breakdown thing. Land of hot sex....hmmmm

    ahh, kien, of this...you may be envious...


  6. Blogger kien lim 

    Sex? Pah!

  7. Blogger jade ed girl 

    I think I once heard that sex is like money- Only somethin' to "Pah!" at when you've got plenty...

  8. Blogger airplanejayne 

    'nuff said.
    Amen, sister, amen!

  9. Blogger kien lim 


  10. Blogger jade ed girl 

    Point proved:)?

  11. Blogger airplanejayne 

    --orjust defiant?

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