A Brank New Week

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"Brank"... started as a typo but soon won me over as a merge of "brand spankin". That's how I am deciding to look at it. A brand spankin new week with the open possibilities of adventure.

Made a few changes on the blog. Got a new clock. I like this new clock. It's groovy! Broke up "Da Links" and added to "Da Blog Roll" with links to Cindy, Blithers and Captain Whiffle's blogs. May add some more soon.

Have also signed in to Technorati just to see who has linked to me blog.

And the counter I installed a couple of weeks ago now reads 2442! Dang!

SHOUT OUT TO: Lud Boi... you should be starting a blog!

SHOUT OUT TO: Vert... get back a bloggin... we miss ya!

More updates later...

In an effort to "get back on the bike" (as Kien would put it) I have decided to write the adventures of "Buck"... think of it as "Call of the Moolah." Taking a cue from the Where's George site I plan on tracking the dollar. In fact, I registered Buck on the site and he even has his own tracking page. How cool is that?

Anyway, there are certain conventions that need to be set in place in order for this to work.
1.) Anyone can post a "Buck" adventure. (If you do... send me a comment announcing it.)
2.) Buck's adventures should be the story of YOUR adventure from the time Buck came into your life till he left.
3.) These adventures can be fictional but Buck's entry into your life MUST be "picked up" from whence he was last spent.
4.) The first line of the post MUST be a link to his last adventure.
5.) As a style... Buck may choose to comment on your adventures... SO, the adventures MUST be written from his point of view.

This is beautiful. First time I'm seeing photos of the place.

3 Responses to “A Brank New Week”

  1. Blogger Mallory 

    You're a conceptualist at heart!

  2. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Mallory! Good to see you finally got on.

    Lets see where the "Buck" thing goes.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Ludboi started one up but is failing miserably at furnishing it with pictures and stuff.i got as far as registering a blogname Simplywhack! and then sat back on a chair on my porch to watch the lallang grow. I will get around to it...er,eventually

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