It's Friday in the Wacky Zone!

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It's been over a week since I posted. Haven't even posted a new Picture Daze edition. What a loser! I'll try to post one this weekend. Actually, it's been a little strange not blogging.

On Monday I announced to members of the Hard Core that I am deep in the "Wacky Zone." This is a place where I have not been in a long time... and I've missed it. It is the zone where most of my older friends met me and associate me with. The one where I lived "the art of the possible" everyday. The zone where creativity is just a matter of fact. Truth be told, I began blogging just so I could make my way back there again... and I think I have arrived... and am glad to be back. Evidence of this? My last 3 HNT posts and working on 2 separate plays at the same time.

The trick now is to continue to float in the "Wacky Zone" while still accomplishing all the duties that "real life" demands of me.

3 Responses to “It's Friday in the Wacky Zone!”

  1. Blogger FunkyB 

    Oh wow... I didn't know others knew of this Zone. I love being there -- but I never get to stay as long as I'd like.

  2. Blogger kien lim 

    My trick to stay in it is just to do it....... the rest takes care of itself........ somehow.....!!!!!
    Well, done and keep on keeping on!

  3. Blogger lime 

    so glad this has all helped youfind your way back there! hope youalso acheive the balance you need to stay and be productive

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