What do you really know about Lecram?

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Just curious. I've had this blog since March. I guess revelations about myself have unfolded in that time through various posts. Be it likes, dislikes, character, strengths, weaknesses, etc. So, if you happen by... list 5 in my comment box. You can copy and paste the following if it will help.

5 things I know about Lecram.


If you've come here to read the post on the "Panty Christmas Tree"... just click the link.

EDIT: Here is some appropriate music to help you through this exercise. LOL!

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18 Responses to “What do you really know about Lecram?”

  1. Blogger MacManus 

    1.) Is orginally from Malaysia
    2.) He's a Creative genius
    3.) Likes old, epic movies
    4.) His dad died when he was 12 and was his hero
    5.) Is a fellow smoker

  2. Blogger barefoot_mistress 

    Five things I know:

    Lecram is very creative
    Lecram lives in Fresno
    Lecram lives quite close enough to Yosmite
    Lecram makes some wild shit
    Lecram is a blogger

    Ok hows that?

  3. Blogger blue1aqua1 

    what i know about Lecram
    1. your creativty puts me to ashame!
    2. Your catholic
    3. Your from Malaysia
    4. theres no way i can never keep up with you.
    5. and finally i know u like beer!

  4. Blogger the_mrs 

    Oh my goodness---I'm watching your webcam and you look sooo bored!!! How about a smile? LOL

  5. Blogger the_mrs 

    5 things I know about Lecram.

    1.) He's a very talented artist
    2.) He's a captivating story-teller
    3.) He names his body parts
    4.) He's a very kind person
    5.) He's funny :)

  6. Blogger Danielle 

    I couldn't possibly. First time here. But glad to be learning more!

  7. Blogger lecram sinun 

    paul,barefoot_mistress, blue1aqua1, jenny - Thank You for indulging me.

    barefoot_mistress - you live close to me, don't you?

    jenny - I was bored... I was probably uploading work while you were watching. I had even forgotten the darn thing was on.

    Danielle - welcome to my little insanity. Come visit again soon!

  8. Blogger Mustang 


    1. Understands good scotch.
    2. Can balance food on his butt.
    3. Runs an extrodinarily exclusive trailer park.
    4. Despite all common sense and reason, has absolutely beautiful women send him semi-nude photos of themselves simply because he ASKS, for which all his male friends are uniquely jealous.
    5. Has the singularly most wicked alchoholic concoction (yes, the amazing Devils Brew) EVER concieved.


  9. Blogger KFarmer 

    1) Enjoys good food & drink
    2) Has more creative talent in
    his little finger than most have
    in their entire body.
    3) Looks for the good in everyone
    4) Likes himself for who & what
    he is.
    5) Now sports a dashing beard.

  10. Blogger thereminman 

    2.throws a good bbq
    3. writes in his secret lair
    4. is a nexus for the creative and
    the dangerously subversive
    5. names his bits

  11. Blogger lime 

    well, i have only been around since september but here goes.....
    1. lives in the SF area
    2. grew up in malaysia
    3. hasn't cut his hair in years
    4. writes plays
    5. has done the most amazing HNT posts i have ever seen
    6. reconnected with a cousin since blogging
    7. is outrageously creative

    ok, i threw in an extra 2, hehehe

  12. Blogger airplanejayne 

    1. is lycksdysic, err--dyslexic
    2. has A.D.D. - huh? what was that? I got sidetracked...
    3. throws incredible BBQ's!!!!
    4. tells incredible stories.
    5. is a great friend.


  13. Blogger Generik 

    5 things I know about Lecram.

    1.) He understands pirate language.

    2.) He's both a playwright and a puppeteer.

    3.) His father was a superior storyteller.

    4.) The panty tree.

    5.) Jimmy.

  14. Blogger yep, it's me.... 

    he can cook
    he looks good naked with a meal layed out on top of him
    FABULOUS voice
    FABULOUS hair
    creative beyond belief

  15. Blogger Foxglove 

    1. He used to live in Malaysia, which I, being a product of US schooling, couldn't find on a map if my life depended on it. Geograwhat?
    2. He writes beautifully. Words flow from this man in such a way that I have to wonder about Faustian deals.
    3. He named his eyeball Armin after my suggestion. (Proud)
    4. He has an amazing collection of photographs.
    5. Though I've never met him, he's the kind of person I feel like I've known forever and I would immediately smother him in a massive hug.

  16. Blogger Tish 

    5 things I know about Lecram:

    1.) He's a very talented playwright.
    2.) His left hand is "Jimmy".
    3.) He stands by and watches as old blind men get tangled up in bushes.
    4.) He flips, picks, and riffs.
    5.) He moonlights as the Half-Nekkid Chef.

  17. Anonymous Steph 

    5 things I know about Lecram.

    1.) He can sing! Who knew??? My Funny Valentine came out of nowhere for me.
    2.) He's really no more than Eurasian Notwhite Trash. I mean, how really does anyone live/work in that teeny smokey space of yours. Good golly. Move to a trailer park already!
    3.) He's really similar to me except that he does more than I do. When I do projects, they're bigger, but he makes up for it in quantity, ability, and overall likeability. Plus he gets laid more than I do.
    4.) He's a stunning force of nature. So seemingly quiet, a fly-in-the-corner, but he just said 'Fuckit, let's do it,' and I think the Rogue Festival is going to become one of the greatest ever legacies of Fresno. People 15 years from now will say 'Yeah, I think I knew him...'
    5.) He likes him his scotch. His high-end scotch. The only reason I hope he 'makes it' in life is so he'll be able to afford the good stuff the rest of his life.

    But even after sorta knowing him for about 10 years, I only found out today that his arm was named 'Jimmy' or that he had polio. Just never felt right asking.

  18. Blogger whackman 

    5 things I know about Lecram.

    1.)has a cool Mum.( would your mum let you make a panty tree for christmas?)
    2.)Has cool hair.
    3.)His Jedi like abilities, especially when it comes to getting women to get their kit off, started at an enviously young age(The main ingredients for the Panty tree were part of an awesome collection -which he once showed me for all of three seconds- acquired by him as gifts from grateful devotees from the upper and lower sixth form at school in Kuala Lumpur.
    4.)Can tie shoelaces with one hand !
    5.)Has the initials A. and C. in his name.

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