Goodbye Scary Squirrel Man - the sing-along!

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SSM leaves tomorrow for Washington. Click the karaoke version to "Candle in the Wind" and sing along to the bad lyric homage below!

Oh, and the picture was taken last night at his final local pub crawl. California will miss ya, buddy. To the citizens of Washington... we pity you.

Now sing it loud and sing it proud!

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Scary Squirrel Man,
You’re heading out into the
Washingto-nian wilderness,
With a stray cat by your side,
You leave behind the state,
Where you were brought into this world,
And where you first got laid,
And laid and laid with pride,

We won’t miss the way,

You rant away,

While you’re loudly passing wind,

We won’t miss the drunken stupor

Or the silly grin,

What we’ll miss the most,

Will be your presence here,

Hanging out with Miller beer

And knowing that you care

You can be a bitch,
You can be re-action-ary
And a silly goof
When you’re dancing in a club
You haven’t got a clue
About the difference you’ve made
And you have made a few
Though you've chose to seem aloof


It’s time to name that cat,
It’s time to pack up that cooler
That we’ve often used
For Summer barbecues
Get your ass up north,
And when you’re freezing off your balls
Remember underwear
Is something you should use


11 Responses to “Goodbye Scary Squirrel Man - the sing-along!”

  1. Blogger KFarmer 

    I love seeing folks having a great time- you bunch are quite the handsome crew!

  2. Blogger airplanejayne 

    aww....makes ya' just wanna cry....

    bye-bye squirrelman....
    --we'll always have the 4th of July...

    dance monkeyboy, dance.


  3. Blogger MacManus 

    What a great song! Who was the genius behind that one mate ;)

  4. Blogger lecram sinun 

    kfarmer - yeah, that is a good picture of us, huh?

    apj - you'll need to find a new firework buddy!

    paul - a couple of beers in half an hour and you too can create bad lyrics.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous 

    *sniffle* is SSM moving for good? poor lecram! now who will do all of your evil bidding? you'll have to find a new henchman.

  6. Blogger lecram sinun 

    ms. bees - OK... I'll miss the beers and I will have to put out applications for a new henchman. Knee cracking is a must to qualify.

  7. Blogger the_mrs 

    Oh, you wouldn't want to hear me


  8. Blogger Tish 

    You've been tagged. Check my blog. hehehe.

  9. Blogger scarysquirrelman 

    sniffle...i miss you guys so much i almost want to tell you about my adventures just getting here.

  10. Blogger lecram sinun 

    SSM - You have arrived! Cool!

  11. Anonymous Steph 

    eh. sorry for ruining what really is a great foto of you four. Shoulda kept my head down and just finished SSM's business.

    Best to you in Wash, SSM. You won't need it. They're LIBERAL there. People might actually listen to you!

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