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... there are times when I wonder if I am a total idiot for giving up my regular employment. It pays good... (to be frank) a little better than OK. The hours are great. Benefits. Yada, yada, yada. So, what did I base my decision on? The bad days out weight the good. I actually turned in my letter of resignation last year... and was talked into staying.

In a way I'm glad I did stay. It gave me a year to try... which I did... but the bad days still out weighed the good... but now I leave without malice. (long story... some other time perhaps.) I would have stayed if it had evened out. Until last week they were still trying to keep me. My honest answer was " The kids will be short-changed if I do." Even though they are at wits end to replace me, teaching is NOT something one should do just for a paycheck. Never ever! There are too many lives at stake.

Today I thought that it was time I set a routine for my new chapter. After gabbing at the java haunt and getting hopped up on the bean I came home and worked a bit on Junglewebs. I then began work on reworking the poster for the gig and updated the website. The new graphic I think is better than the old. (so much so, I have one pinned on the wall in front of me... and I hate pictures of moi.) Went to the printers to make a batch of them. Ran down thereminman on the street and gave him his share and created an article on a local e-zine to promo the show. (Really, the "exchange" looked like a drug deal to the pedestrian.)

Of course, I can't do anything the way most sane people do... so I created this and I'm sticking to it. My target is to get 50 paying people to the show. I'm even going to send it to the local paper in that format.

Somewhere in there kamotion called from the east-coast and we gabbed about arts marketing... and how most folks in the fine and performing arts are total BOZOs about promo and marketing their product. (WARNING! Short rant up ahead.) See folks, this is what happens when you put the arts into academia and they forget that it is a CRAFT that is dependent on GIGS to live! Look, I'm thankful for the education I got in collage (you can analyze a piece to death... but how is it played with honesty?) but the bottom line is GIGS! I really don't care how great the "art" you created is... but it doesn't exist if you do not have an audience!!!! It is the sharing of expression of the human experience that makes it live. Ever wondered why it's called HUMANITIES??? (O.K... rant over. Short, sweet and to the point... don't you think?)

So, that's been my day. There are other things floating in my noodle but I'll get to those once I can articulate them in some coherent fashion. Just indulge my lunacy for the moment... please! (I'm thinking that perhaps this is stress over actually having to rehearse my show again... and making it better! OY!) And people actually wonder why I don't have a "significant other" in my life at the moment... Puleeze! LOL!

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