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I haven't really been blogging over the past week... not even surfing that much. Perhaps I'll get back to more of a routine from here on. Anyway, here are some snippets of thoughts and things.

I've been observing and experiencing several transitions occurring from those within my physical and blog worlds. Some are good... some not as pleasant... but all inevitable. One could argue that life itself is one long transition... since change is a constant. The only choices are to fight, cope or embrace and ride it out. I quit fighting a long time ago so my choices now ping pong between the latter two. BTW... on a related note, if you know her... go over to Boo's and give her some love.

I had woken up with a sour tummy... spent the morning trying to get over it but finally called APJ to apologize for my upcoming absence at her BBQ. I made sure there were eats aplenty around the homestead and whiled away the rest of the day resting. At about 7ish Dragonfly called looking for some firework action. Since she agreed to drive we did go out to APJ's for a bit... and was back and tucked in by 11. So, the day wasn't a total loss.

Sometimes I stand in total amazement at the choices people make. Be it in their behavior and or actions. I'm talking about those of the not so pleasant variety. What does not befuddle me as I observe these actions, is the place where it's coming from... neediness. The constant need to be perceived as important... the constant need to be seen as vital... the constant obsession to be noticed. The total dependence on externals to verify a sense of self... even within an unconditional circle of friends. When one is still trying too hard among those one knows... it's just empty and sad. I know we all seek validation in one form or other... I know I do... but I've usually tried to attain it through creative accomplishments... more often than not, through my work. Sometimes I've succeeded... sometimes not... but I can honestly say that I've never begged for it.

O.K... before I bore you to tears... here is the...

weekend movie selection

Yes, this is inspired by the movie of the same name. I rented it last week and have to say that it was surprisingly very entertaining and quite funny. (O.K. truth be told I wasn't expecting much but ended laughing my ass off.) Reefer Madness: the movie musical stirs in liberal doses of elements from Rocky Horror Picture Show, Night Of The Living Dead and Annie to produce a a madcap and absurdist delight... and often takes a good cheeky wink at the audience. The plot? Who cares? Isn't it enough to know that Zombies, FDR and even Jesus makes appearances in this movie?

Here are some quotes:
Sally DeBains: So, how tall are you, Jimmy?
Jimmy: Five feet, nine inches.
Sally DeBains: Let's forget the five feet and concentrate on the nine inches.
FDR: A little orphan girl once told me that the sun would come out tomorrow. Her adopted father was a powerful billionaire so I suppressed the urge to laugh in her face, but now, by gum, I think she may have been on to something!
And you can watch the trailer here!

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