i was actually productive today...

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... and spent most of it finishing off a new website for Ashtree Studios. These fine folk have been hosts to a Rogue cafe venue and gallery for the past 3 years and are some of our biggest supporters. They wanted something simple, elegant and functional. I'm hoping to get it up and "live" by Friday. Aileen, the owner/artist has a new series of work she will be unveiling at ArtHop on the 9th. All pretty exciting stuff! They'll be swinging by sometime this week to check out what I've done. I hope they like it. After that I'll be creating the new pre-Rogue site... and sometime this Summer I will finally get my own site up for my plays... something I've been promising myself for the past 3 years.

Went out for drinks last night with SSM. Kowboi was there along with Katie and Rach. Jade Ed turned up as well. When she found out that I was 3 scotches to the wind she coaxed me to read palms. (Sneaky girl). If Zonthar was present he would have spit out in disgust "That Damn Malaysian's Shrine is ON!" That's what my male friends call it, "the Shrine." Apparently, I'm pretty good after 3 or 4 scotches... the women swear by it. I actually do make an effort to veer away from that these days but Jade Ed caught me at a weak moment. In days of yore there are tales that regale of times when every woman at the bar was lining up to get a palm reading from a very drunk me. On one occasion there was a line of 20-30 women reaching from the pub area all the way into the dining room. Their male companions were left to sit alone to pick their noses and stare at me with disdain while I looked at palms and blatter away... or so I'm told.

That's all I have for now. You have a good day.

EDIT: Just to make sure you got a small dose of education today... CLICK HERE!

Oh, and certain conditions have to be present before I can even consider reading palms. 1.) I have to be slap-happy drunk on scotch to where I'm incapable of saying "no". 2.) You HAVE to be physically present... because touch is a major factor in this deal.


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