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... but for now... go check out my friend Kien who today has begun his very own version of Musical Monday!

I've never done this before but... we'll get to that in a while. Mum needed to get a couple of shoes today and requested that I take her to Kohl's... which I did at 10ish this morning. I had been hermitizing the past week and decided that it was time for me to get out and about for a bit... so, this fit into my plans perfectly.

While Mum browsed in the shoe section I sauntered through men's wear. I wasn't looking for anything in particular... just checking out what they had. As I did... a strange yet old familiar sensation came over me as I eyed a sand colored Summer suit. I actually wanted to buy it!

This was strange because I hadn't felt this prickly little rush in years. Familiar because oh so long ago I was quite the dapper dresser. This was the pre-marriage days... before my lovely ex-wife bought me jeans. Not that I had never owned a pair of jeans before then... I had... but always considered them "work-wear". It was my ex who actually convinced me that jeans could be worn as "casual-wear"... which until that point meant at least a pair of pleated linen pants for me. Since then my wardrobe has never quite been in the mode of elegance that it use to be. So, did I buy said sand colored Summer suit? (Only $130) No... but I seriously considered it. Though it was nice to know that I still have pretty damn impeccable taste in clothes.

So, once Mum had made her purchases I suggested lunch at her favorite Chinese buffet place. She was delighted at the prospect as she had been cooped up at the homestead of late and was on the verge of cabin fever. We drive down there and are shown our table. The friendly (and cute) waitress welcomed us. She had remembered us from a couple of months ago and throughout our meal... kept coming over with tidbits of friendly chatter. She even wrote our names in Chinese on napkins. She was very sweet (I did already mention that she was cute, didn't I?) and was really making an extra special effort to connect... lavishing more attention on us than anybody else. So, what did I do? I (in a moment of measured abandon) GAVE HER MY NUMBER!

Yes, I'll admit I was quite captivated with her (remember, she's cute)... but I'll have you know... I have never done this before! Really! That is so damn forward... just not my style!!! WTF is wrong with me???

To cap it off here is Mum's comment as we walked to the car, "That girl is really quite resourceful."

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