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... if you didn't catch "Lies My Father Told Me" onstage either at the Rogue Festival or last Thursday at Full Circle Brewing Company... it just ain't happening again. That was the last performance. The reason? Most of my friends know that I really hate being on stage. O.K. that's an easy cop out.

The actual reason is I really wasn't even planning on doing it for the Full Circle gig except that I wasn't completely satisfied with the ending during the Rogue. So, the gig on Thursday provided me with the opportunity to craft a better ending. Which I think was achieved... at least to my personal satisfaction... and still managed to keep the source material intact and fairly pure. So, now I can put that one to rest and move on.

I knew even as I was initially cobbling the show together that it didn't really have "legs" past the festival. Even though for a couple of minutes there I did entertain the fantasy that it could possibly go further. But in order for that to happen I would have to employ my playwriting tricks to "craft" it further... And that's just not something I am willing to do. These are my father's stories... Were presented that way and they should remain as such. So, in it's present form it is a mild, charming and somewhat entertaining curiosity for an audience that I hope honored my father. Who knows... Perhaps plot elements from those stories may be developed into a different form down the line. However, continuing to do the show in it's present form would cross the line into indulgence... And goodness knows I already used up my quota of that.

If you managed to catch it... Thank you for allowing me to share my inheritance with you. I had fun doing it. If you told me you were going to (especially if you live in town) but didn't or couldn't for whatever reason... Sorry... You may have actually have enjoyed it.

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