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Here is another Google Earth tour. My universe outside of home was centered in this area in the city.
a. This a close up of the Bukit Nanas (Pineapple Hill) area of the city of Kuala Lumpur. A "green lung" hill situated smack dab in the middle of the city where my schools were located and where a lot of my early life played out. We would wander around this forest reserve all the time. It was quite the magical place.

b. St. John's Primary (elementary) school where I began my education. There are 2 buildings shaped like crosses just south of it. The one closest is the original St.John's Church and the one further south is St. John's Cathedral. (Ask Kien about a date I once accompanied him to at the Catheral.)

c. Once you finished Standard Six... you moved across the street to the big school - St. John's Institution. (click here for a pic.) This was one of the 2 premiere schools in the city. What was cool about it is that everyone fron the fishmonger's to the prime minister's son went to this school... at least when I was there. For a little more on my life back then, check out this Picture Daze post from last year.

d. I once kissed a girl on this corner... when I was 18.

e. While walking on the sidewalk one day I came face to face with a cobra right here. It was coming down the hill and stopped to face me (only 3 feet away)... and once it decided I was still enough... crossed the street and went down the riverbank. Oh, the buildings just south of that is where the girl's school is situated.

f. The scout den where I spent just about every weekend when I was 16-17 years old. There are some "then & now" pics on this post.

g. There use to be a great "chap fan" (rice with anything) place here. Great food! It was practically open 24/7 and was one of "the" places to stop at 3 AM for "Bak Kut Teh" (rib-bone soup) after a night of clubbing. Kien and I watched the sun rise from here on many an occasion in our late teens.

h. This was locally known as "chetti street". Lots of Indian Moneylenders established their businesses here. Also a great place for Indian food. On occasion I would go for a "banana leaf" meal served at the back of the chetti places. (Seriously, eat all you can for US 50 cents.) For a while, instead of going to private tution, Vert and I would end up at a coffee-shop here for Rava Ghee Dosai and Kopi Peng. Once on a bet, we ate ourselves silly and couldn't walk for over an hour.

i. While in primary school I would go for physio-therapy, 3 times a week, on the 7th floor of this building. I would then wait for my Dad across the street (the area to the left) in the parking lot. In this Picture Daze post I have written a little about this time in my life.

j. I use to attend a private college in this building. I met the girl I kissed (see d.) here. Us guys would arrive before 8 AM just to watch the beautiful women walk to their offices. This was sort of the financial district in the city at the time.

Now that you are sufficiantly bored... have a great week!

EDIT: And Kien's MUSIC MONDAY is up!

EDIT 2: Stole this from spitfire... this is what a Micky Dee's commercial should look like, Yo!

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