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... things I use to want... future plans... that kind of stuff. I remember in my late teens sitting around with friends sharing these ideas. I also remember how a lot of them had it down to amazing detail... as if they had scripted out their entire lives. Somehow, after one of those sessions mine just seemed like random fart bubbles in the bathtub by comparison.

Here are a few... (at least those I still have any memory of.)

To attend at least one Olympic Games. This I accomplished in L.A., 1984. Even got to witness a cousin represent Malaysia in field hockey. Other cousins in Australia claimed to have seen me on the broadcast of that game in the stands holding up a banner.

To float around the entire coastline of peninsular Malaysia on a bamboo raft. Never did it... and am now befuddled as to why I wanted to in the first place. No, I wasn't on drugs at the time. I did however in my teens inadvertently almost float to Sumatra on a bamboo raft with Kien one time. That incident was featured on this post.

To write a play that would be produced. Done that. As of this writing... 51 and counting. My first (at 21) was a musical called "Frogway"... and the most recent was a few months ago with "Lies My Father Told Me."

To become Pope. O.K.... I was 7 years old at the time. (At least you couldn't fault me for lack of ambition,) Even had a "Pope outfit" that I had put together myself. Oh, and if you're keeping score... I haven't done that. Yet. Though I suppose I could get into the blackmarket business of selling "indulgences".

If and when I think of some more... I'll let you know, It struck me strange how unlike most of my friends... career, marriage, etc never really factored into what I wanted to do.

Do you have things that you wanted that may or may not have changed now?

EDIT: Steph did borrow the idea of this and posted it here.

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