close to the end... and a follow-up to yesterday

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I finally cracked the code so to speak. Now the application forms for Rogue 2007 not only work but are on secure encrypted pages. A big Yay all round! ::dabbing sweat from furrowed brows::

So tomorrow in the AM, I crank out and put the finishing touches and I'm free! OK... freer. Still can't post them until I get the policy/information pages from the powers that be... since I do not make policy anymore. Just another hurry-up-and-wait situation.
The Follow-Up

There were some interesting responses to my post yesterday. I respect all of them. The post was based on observations from a personal front as well as those witnessed from other quarters.

Yes, being a significant other in a "solid and stable" relationship should keep the confidant status intact. The irony in most cases is that it doesn't. Those of you who have it still intact with your partner are truly blessed. It is an ideal. One that should be a reality... yet one that often is strewn by the wayside through circumstances, neglect, etc.

The discussion I had with my friend the other night centered around the causes as to why this occurs. Our guess was that the fault may lie in the romantic idea (and ideal) of "oneness". But perhaps it has more to do with the mistaken perception of it. (Over the years, I have been guilty as most on this score.) Afterall, it is something that just about every love song ever written touches on... so it must me true, right? The reality though is that in the nature of love and romance, the dynamics involve two separate individuals who have chosen to be in concert with each other... a duet playing different instruments in harmony. Often it is the counterpoint that brings the richness to the piece.

However when the lines of our individuality become so blurred that is when we resort to confiding elsewhere in an effort to reclaim ourselves and our individuality. We are not "halves"... we are "wholes" and when the perception of that is threatened we seek to establish our wholeness elsewhere. That is when the compassion erodes and we become strangers to each other... and to ourselves.

Just my humble observations.

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