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... for a bit so posts here may be sporadic and/or short for a while. Just thought I'd let you know.

Been quite the day. The trip to SF did also help me untangle some knots in my head and allow for a clearer view of what is needed by me for me. So, while accomplishing some already set up tasks I'm setting up a routine and focusing on what needs to be completed. The difference now being that these "needs" are no longer millstones around my neck... the way I chose to perceive them to be not to long ago. A shift in attitude. It's all good. Living life with a full plate sure beats the alternative. Shift means change and change is forward motion. Though we more often talk the talk to walking the walk. Then we instead spend our energies bobbing in our own perverse quagmire of comfort whining of what was or what could have been instead of marveling at the radiance of life that is the here and now... and square in our hands. If we believe otherwise it's only because we chose to give up on responsibility. Because it is the here and now that activates what will be. And that in itself means nothing except for the attitude and intent we carry along for the ride. We can fill the plate for ourselves or have it filled for us. The choice is ours. My choice of preference is the former.

EDIT: Oh yeah, it's Talk Like A Pirate Day... Well, here goes... "Arrrr!"

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