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... I went and also to be home. Here is a picture of our hotel that seems to have an identity crisis. Is it the Olympic or the San Franciscan? Well, it's a decent place. Clean rooms and just around the corner from the theatres where the Fringe was held. This provided me with the luxury of taking naps and freshening up between shows... and good prices too.

I must confess I had a wee bit of trepidation with is particular trip. There were several reasons... but one of them was that I sort of felt "festivaled out" even before I left. Now that I have turned over the producing of the Rogue to someone else it was different this year for me. I wasn't up to setting any olympic records with the sheer number of shows seen as in years past... and I only caught 6 shows as a result. However, (as my annual trips up to the Festival are wont to do) I came back refreshed and creatively renewed.

The shows I did catch once again boosted my theatrical outlook with the exposition to inventive devices. (Read into that... there is stuff as a playwright and director I found to steal for my own shows.::evil grin::) More importantly though, Jag and I were invited to a discussion on touring the Fringe hosted by the producers of the SF Fringe (the second oldest in the US) and featuring the producers of the Orlando Fringe (the oldest in the US.) This was set up for the benefit of the performers there. It was interesting and stimulating.

As soon as that was over a spontaneous discussion broke out between the producers of both those festivals and us (representing the Rogue). It was a little summit, so to speak. They treated us as equals. This is big because we (the Rogue) although a fringe type festival do not belong to CAFF like the other two do. (They were also really lobbying us to join.) Ideas were shared and the bottom line is... Orlando wants to do cross promotions with us. Neato stuff, huh? (As you scratch your heads thinking to yourself "Lecram has really lost it.") Let me put it this way... the Rogue is the bastard child of the bastard child and gaining respect to be really noticed in this crazy world.

Anyway, I'm really jazzed about this and won't use your time further with this boring "shop talk".

Oh yeah... I had a good time.

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