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My count today are performers whom I've had the honor to experience live. It really doesn't matter if they are musicians, actors... any performer for that matter! There is something divine in the act of creation. They are channeling something that is beyond the normal and yet in the process of doing so tapping into and expressing something that is profoundly about the human experience. I guess that is why the arts is classified under the HUMAN-nities.

It is that leap when technique disappears and pure expression and connection is attained that I'm talking about. That moment when EVERYTHING makes total sense as an audience member and we are moved beyond the limitations that spoken language can even begin to express. That magic instant when we soar together with the performer into the moment of illumination.

Listening to a musician pour the pureness of heartbreak into a blues solo or an actor sucking us into the joy of a moment on stage... and our spirit takes flight. And what does this have to do with real life? Everything. Because in those moments we are truly reminded that we are indeed alive. That our pain and joy and sorrow and elation and the loud or the quiet... and even all those moments of the mundane makes sense as a collective experience. That we are not alone... and more importantly... that excellence is attainable.

This is da count not because I'm involved in the arts... but more because as an audience member, the performers I have experienced, have moved, inspired and reminded me to always reach for a "personal better"... because "a best" would only be a self imposed limitation.

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EDIT: Time Wasters

Got a spare 8 minutes?. Watch OEDIPUS as performed by vegetables.

Really, it's HERE!


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