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It's 1:30 Am and I just got back from tonight's Rogue Year Round. So, this is a late (early) post.

I am counting on my insanity tonight. That which makes many cock their heads to the side like dogs in a stupor over the things I do and how I do it. It has been that way all my life... the reaction, that is. No one really gets what I do and why I do what I do when I do it. Yet who I am and what I do does impact my immediate surroundings. Really, think about it.

Before you click away thinking "Lecram is full of himself" or "Not another wanker crap post." Bear with me on this one... it's OK to celebrate oneself. Because "yourself" is a sum total of all experiences, influences and connections you have acquired along this journey. So, it is a homage to them and those along the way... of who you are today.

It could be seen as both a blessing and a curse... though I choose to look at it as a blessing. I think we have all been blessed with our own special brand of insanity... that which cuts us different from the rest. That which makes each and everyone of us our own person. Put the psychosis, phobias, and insecurities aside and strip away the circumstances that we use as excuses not to seek the excellence within grasp... and we still have a radiant spark that holds limitless possibilities.

It counts. We count. And dammit... I count! So, celebrate yourself because... YOU count!
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EDIT: 7:50 AM
The applications for Rogue 2007 have to go "live" at noon and I have some last minute fimish-up to do. I promise to visit all your counts right after... I want to complete this so that I can really enjoy smiling with you. In the meantime... visit each other. Cheers!

EDIT: 1:33 PM

The online application form and Mainstage & Cafe venues are now "live"

Online applications for the Gallery & Film components will be "live" at 6 PM, Sept. 29, PST




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