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5:31 AM
I awoke early this morning. Actually, it is the time I use to wake up when I was working. My wake-up schedule over summer has been erratic at best... usually fluctuating between 4 AM and 7. I'm thinking I need to get back to a regular schedule just to be able to accomplish more.

I took myself out for a drink yester evening. It was quite pleasent to get out of the house just for a bit. Running into some of the usual gang and catching up. The next few days will be pretty active ones.

Tonight is the monthly ArtHop and I'm planning to hit some galleries. I haven't done this for a while only because I've been hibernating from the local world of the arts for a bit. It's always fun to hop from gallery to gallery catching new exhibits. Always wine and bites to catch at each one. Of course running into people is half the fun.

Then tomorrow I think I'm going out to the park to catch a production of "the Scottish play". It's the week before their closing and I would get a earful if I didn't turn up from friends in it. Though I am interested in seeing it as it has been set in a Mad Max post-apocolyptic setting. So, that alone would be worth it. Plus, sitting out in the open under the stars with a bottle of wine is always a fun thing to do.

On Saturday I will be screening "Reefer Madness: the musical" at a friend's gallery. Right after I'm heading to the Starline for "Ticket To Ride", a local Beatles cover band will be cranking them out for some dancing fun. The last time I saw them play was the closing party of the Rogue... and most of us there don't quite remember details of the night. Though we were assured that it was fun.

Oh, I just found out that my age on Jupiter is 42471 days... you can find yours HERE!

I'll probably be posting DA COUNT for Friday sometime tonight.

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