it was a bad case of morty-itist

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Once again, thank you for your kind concern. I'm fine. This is what happened...

I was up at 6. Jumped on the computer and was working (this time on a paying gig)... but the graphics were just not doing what I wanted. Morty emerged just as I decided to take a break and post... and that last post was the result. (Yeah, his humor can be a little abrasive and dark.) Of course, (my bad) I didn't put in the disclaimer at the end until the third commenter posted. Hope I'm forgiven. And... no, I'm not applying for a government job.

EDIT: Midnight.

Had a meeting with the Rogue Hard Core (yes, that's what it's called) and tutored them on how to access info, etc... that I have spent the last 10 days setting up. In effect I turned over administrative control totally over. After which Jag and I went out for a drink... and we actually only had one each!

When I returned I attempted something I have not done in a long time... watch TV! ::gasp:: Wait! Save falling out of your chairs for what happened next. You ready? I actually fell asleep in the middle of watching something! (Permission to fall out of chair now granted.) It's a luxury I have not experienced in a while.

Of course it was short lived! I awoke just a bit ago (totally refreshed after 2 hours sleep) with a queer urgent anxiety to get something accomplished. Had those "gotta do" dreams (which is what woke me up). Don't you just hat those? Perhaps sliding into the mundane may be tougher than I thought it would be.

I suppose I just could write an award winning play or something... but that would keep me up the rest of the night. I think, I'll just surf instead. I could waste some time HERE or maybe THIS will inspire some normal nocturnal rest.

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