fair warning...

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... I made the decision that this blog will move come early January to my new site. I plan to unveil it on my birthday. I don't really celebrate my birthday but I thought it would be at least a good day for an unveiling. I will try to keep at least a post up here to notify those who come by that I have moved to my new digs.

On a related note... my domain reseller business, Junglewebs (which has been languishing for the past few months) is getting a spruce up. I have been doing research on a niche market and I think I finally struck on one that I will be targeting (OK...2) Arts groups and Bloggers.

Arts groups (who would have thunk...) because most of them are so timid with using this new medium to push their vision. (And a lot of their sites are pretty static.) Bloggers because it is so much easier and convenient to be in real control of your content. The site will also be a "how to" resource on how to migrate and set up your blog on your own domain. (With pictures and all!) Think about it... you can finally become a dot com! Plus our prices are affordable and competitive. (How is that for being assertive?) Over the next few days you will get to see more on the site... but if you want to see the renovation underway... just click the graphic.

On another note... my mother fell yesterday morning. She is fine. Nothing broken... just a little shook up. Kowboi was kind enough to get out of his warm bed and come by to help her up and get her back into her bed. Thanks Kowboi... you are a Godsend! I've been checking on her every few hours and making sure she eats and is resting. It just goes to confirm that I made the right decision at least in the area of giving up my regular employment so I can be around the homestead. Since I have... she has fallen about 8 times. However, the result is that the coffers are low and I have to fix that soon.

Now, it's off to mopping and cooking and then webwork... and perhaps putting the next in the video series of "from Page to Stage" for the Theatre J'Nerique site.

On the menu today: steamed chicken soup with ginger, garlic, white pepper and soy.

BTW... did you know you can put an answering machine on your blog. Tish featured this on her post yesterday.

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