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One of my co-workers looked at my blog today.

“Lecram Sinun? Is that a new Star Wars character?” she quizzed.

“ Yeah…“ I smirked. “He’s color blind, dyslexic and has an appendage that doesn’t work..”

“Cool.” came the quick reply. Then she frowned, “So why doesn’t his bandage work?”

I concluded that this was yet one more reason to leave.

St.John's Posted by Hello

Vertebrate had earlier shared a school-daze memory in a posted comment. It got me digging back into those dusty sections of my mind.

The first thing I remember was looking out the window close to the end of the school day and looking at the Bukit Nanas girls getting out 10 – 15 minutes before us... it may have even been a full half hour! I was convinced that this was some sort of grand conspiracy to keep us boys and girls apart. I was later told that this bell schedule helped ease out the traffic gridlock. I have never believed that explanation.

I also remember that the “hot” place to connect with the girls was the “cendol man” across the street from the main entrance of the school. The “smooth move” was to accidentally pay for her drink. Just in case you didn't know what "cendol" is... click the word.

The other memory was returning from the World Jamboree in Norway to find out that there was a “farewell party” my classmates held for me 2 days after had I left the country. This news was broken to me the weekend after the “welcome back” party … that I wasn’t invited to.

8 Responses to “Another post... just cuz”

  1. Blogger kien lim 

    My memories of those days are very hazy. Vert was telling me how we met and I couldn't recall. How did I meet you lecram?

  2. Blogger Trashed 

    This cendol man looks more like a rojak man to me but that big pot could be the saving grace. You gotta find a better pix, O venerable Lecram of the Order Sinun. Perhaps the erstwhile Sunboi can provide a better pix, wot with 'is mechanically driven image making paraphernalia.

  3. Blogger vertebrate 

    What a big school! There was upstairs, downstairs, a big field, nooks, crannies. I'm starting to remember it now. It's like coming out of a coma.

    Wish I'd known about the cendol man hookup spot at the time, but it probably wouldn't have done me any good :-(

  4. Blogger lecram sinun 

    trashed... you may be right on the cendol/rojak man thing. Perhaps he does both. I pulled off a site and was close enough visually which was the reason for my posting it.

    BTW trashed, a blog is a cool way to keep the family updated on the little one. So, maybe you need to start one.

  5. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Kien, on us meeting... I think we sort of knew each other in primary. We had common friends... but I seem to recall that we really began solidifying in Form 1 and in the scouts.

  6. Blogger kien lim 

    Hey Vert, I was under the impression it was a ginormous school untill I visited again as an adult and was surprised how much larger it seemed when I was a mere teen.

    Trashed, the "mechanically driven image making paraphernalia" is a Nikon FM2.

    lecram, my first memory of you was when you were in the cub scouts performing some sketch, you were singing....?

    The "mee seller's daughter" requested that our first meeting be at St. John's church. I think lecram was sitting a few pews ahead to oversee proceedings.

  7. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Yeah. I joined the cub scouts is probably where my showbiz career began.

    The church hook-up was probably one of the stranger hook-ups I experienced... er... oversaw.

  8. Blogger lecram sinun 

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