Last of the Yardsales... for a while

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Well, The Big Brown Block Sale wasn't big at all! Most of the neighbors decided not to participate which gave us a corner on the market... so, we ended updoing pretty good. Scary Squirrel Man arrived at 6:30 and the trading began. A friend, Laura, came by as well and sold water plants. At the end of the day (which ended at 11 ish) the inventory was slashed in half and we celebrated with beers and tamales in the shade of of the big pine.
Saturday's booty. Posted by Hello

8 Responses to “Last of the Yardsales... for a while”

  1. Blogger thereminman 

    and I got there 12 hours early and scored those Hammer films!
    Watched Dracula Prince of Darkness this afternoon. The one girl was much sexier as a vampire than as a regular person. I think this gives a mixed moral lesson.
    I need to think about this for a while.

  2. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Sort of like those goth chicks we run into around the Tower. I have always suspected that they look a lot better in scary goth makeup than they would in a natural state.

  3. Blogger jade ed girl 

    As that used to be my crowd, back in the day, I can say that Yes- they all look MUCH better in scary goth mode.
    Can't believe you gave up the beloved Hammers Lecram. Is your vampire girl fetish expired?

  4. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Burned those before I sold them. Still have a few Hammers... Dr. Jeckyl and Sister Hyde I'm keeping.

  5. Blogger scarysquirrelman 

    mmmm....hammer boobies...

  6. Blogger Lelly 

    Wassa tamale?? You do like to start early over yonder! My weekends START at eleven-ish! Hope I'll be allowed a lie-in if I come visit!

  7. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Lelly, I posted a comment on your blog with a link to what a tamale is.

  8. Blogger Lelly 

    Now know what a tamale is! Sounds delicious but what a fag to make!
    Do you hafta make your own? I'd try the recipe only its for 4 DOZEN??? And any suggestions as to what I can use instead of corn cob husks?

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