The Adventures of Buck Pt.2

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A previous episode.

Oh sure, he goes out to his bank today at noon to put a check in. Then what does he do? He pulls out $60... all in Twenties! Have I already told you how much I hate these guys? At least he put those posers in the back pocket where we did not have to put up with their snobbery.

A street person approaches as he walks over to Drug Far for his supply of cigs. Me and the other 2 Ones are all excited. I'm practically trying to creep out of the jean pocket just to flash a little green... make it easy for him to whipme out and place a toothless gratefulsmile on this poor bum's face. Before the bum could even move his lips to execute a well worn line I hear, "Sorry, Man. No change."

LIAR! There are three of us in here plus oodles of change! Heartless brute. Just wait till you are down on your luck, buddy... this little exchange will come back to haunt you! I'm pissed but the other 2 Ones, Ducat and Cash, are gibbering away, all excited that we stil had a chance of being spent at the store.

"He's not going to spend us, guys."

I was right. He paid with a Twenty instead. Then he went home to hibernate in the cool of his air conditioned room.

Later in the day, he set out again. I was beginning to give up on ever being spent. This pocket was beginning to feel like a prison. Come on, spend me already!

He stopped by a friend's and they chatted about car troubles over beers. Ducat perked up. I shot one of those "Puleeze! Those troubles are paid off by credit cards these days!" Ducat comfortably slipped back into the mood of dejection that he was floating earlier. Cash continued reminiscing about the good old days when spending was faster. Christmas shopping frenzies, ninty-nine cent stores and poker games. All fast transactions that we may never experience ever again. Cash began to sob at the thought of spending the rest of his days holed up in a Piggy Bank.

Suddenly, his hand reached in and I felt him tug at me. The next thing I knew was being placed in his friend's hand. I was part of the payment for a debt! I really didn't care about the details. Here was someone new and a possible spending frenzy once again became a bright possibility! I was on the move again.

He got into his truck and drove away. I knew I would miss Ducat and Cash, but I had a feeling that this new person I was given to would spend me soon. I was still in Fresno, California... but I was on the move again.

The next Buck episode.

5 Responses to “The Adventures of Buck Pt.2”

  1. Blogger Lelly 

    Cool story idea Lecram! BTW everytime I log onto your site Fatboy starts up (I love that track/vid) and I have to scroll down and turn 'im off quick...bit of a giveaway that I'm not actually working! Any ideas on how to shut him up? :-)

  2. Blogger lecram sinun 

    I'm actually going to remove him from the post today... so its not annoying.

  3. Blogger airplanejayne 

    rules schmules! Couldn't wait for Buck to get to me - so I wrote story of how Buck left SSM.

    Working on more Buck stories -- but again: rules schmules!

    Aren't they meant to be broken????

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

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