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I just got done watching a Japanese movie entitled "After Life". I quite enjoyed it and would recommend it as a rental. It intrigued me because the last real play I wrote was called "The Dead Guy Show." (click for excerpt)

The premise takes place at a "transitional" station where dead people go to. They are given 3 days to choose 1 memory that was significant... a perfect moment, so to speak. The moment is then recreated and once the person has re-experienced it, they "move on", everything else is forgotten and they exist into eternity only within that moment.

This got me thinking about which moment I would pick. I'm still thinking. I'll post it when I find it. Do you have one? Think about it and post it.

Half-Nekkid Thursday

SSM and I will be participating in this starting tomorrow. If you are interested... click on the link to check out the guidelines.

Buck Update
SSM had him but he has gone out into the real world. If you see him... you know what to do. Mega Kudos to Kien for posting about Buck's cousin across the pond, Mr. Pound Coin.

2006 Rogue Muse Unveiling
Yes, it's happening at ArtHop tomorrow. The 2006 Muse will be housed at Ashtree Studio, 1035 Fulton Street. Festivities will take place between 5 and 8 PM.

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