The Truck is fixed...

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... and I'm fast realizing that I need to score a new gig or starve. That's usually a good motivator.

Looking forward to this tomorrow. Not sure what I'm going to post yet. There have been requests for an Audrey story and pic.

Talked SSM into giving me a ride just so he could show off his new ride. We joked that it's a Soccer Dad's car. I do have to say that it's a nice ride. So, now he owns 2 cars which sets him on the path down to Yuppiedom. How is that for a scary thought??? Perhaps he could change his name to SSD- Scary Soccer Dad.

Got an email from her reporting that everything is A-OK. Now all she has to do is take it easy and SHUDDUP! I suspect to compensate she will be blogging wildly!

Lelly is the only one who has chimed in with one in a comment to one of my previous posts. Lelly - post it on your site! It's a great one! In fact, I'm encouraging everyone to think of one and post it. The original idea came from the premise of a movie I watched.
: If there was ONE memory or perfect moment that YOU could take into eternity... one that you would ONLY exist in for eternity - what would it be?

Have just finished setting up performer updates in the Rogue Report blog. I'm hoping this will be a weekly feature.

More updates later on this post...

2 Responses to “The Truck is fixed...”

  1. Blogger scarysquirrelman 

    yuppiedom is DEAD!!! ain't you heard? i am a Proper InterState Saturn Engine Revver.
    man, you are SO 20th century.
    as for SSD, at my work that means "surface saturated dry". groove on that, baby.

  2. Blogger airplanejayne 

    yes SSM, you are a PISSER. Like, doesn't Lecram like know anything? Like, maybe, like you should like, not let him into your, like you know, ride, like you know?

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