Instead of writing, I'm blogging and I bought 13 bar stools!

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More on that later. So, I had set a deadline to complete a first draft of this play. The deadline is THIS SATURDAY! I made this deadline LAST SATURDAY! The reason I set up this deadline is that there is a Rogue barbecue THIS SATURDAY and I wanted to try out a cold reading of the play in front of the gang. (Besides, I love the fire of a quick write!)

Well, life has decided to conspire against my tango with the Wacky Zone. O.K., let me explain. my modus operandi is to jam my big foot into my big mouth and then I would have to deliver the goods! It worked great with the last 49 plays that I have to my name. Kinda like inviting people over for a party just so you'll get the house clean for the event. So, I make the deadline... ANNOUNCE to all turning up that there may be a reading of my new play... and I only have 11 pages done.

The same time that I created the deadline and ANNOUNCED the fact... I of course decide to CHANGE MY CREATIVE PROCESS for said play. I had plotted it out and developed the characters... then decided that this did not feel right for this piece and made the executive decision to float the piece in a more "stream of consciousness" process. The moment I make this decision... BOOM... folks are coming over to hang out, meetings are scheduled (that need my presence), and the last 2 nights... I've been out at meetings and drinking like it's bloody going out of style. Then tonight, Number 1 (my heir) and I go out to a local bar and buy 13 old bar stools for $5 a pop! (score!) These are now sitting in my already over stuffed garage.

The worst part of all of this is that I've been really agonizing over the "jump" in the play. The point (early on) when everything begins to really move! I figure it out... and now I have to suddenly conduct a workshop for the bloody Rogue on Thursday (that I'm convinced that nobody is going to attend)! Jeez! And what am I doing about it? I'm blogging.

40 more pages to go. It'll get done. Have a nice day and cheers!

8 Responses to “Instead of writing, I'm blogging and I bought 13 bar stools!”

  1. Blogger scarysquirrelman 

    so shut up and write already. sheesh. you artists spend more time whining about the craft than you do being crafty about the wine. however, if 11 pages is all you've got by saturday...put in pauses and call it pinteresque. you may find you have to cut lines in order to fit it into a one hour slot. sweet idea.

  2. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Artist??? SSM, you know better than to call me names. Sheesh!

  3. Blogger Zonthar 

    I want to know more about this "bloody Rogue" you mentioned- it sounds more exciting than the regular one.

  4. Blogger KFarmer 

    You will do it- you always come through I'm sure : )

    I am jealous of the bar stools- I have been looking for some for quite a while but they are so expensive. $5 buck a pop! Jealous... oh I am turning green.

  5. Blogger lecram sinun 

    zonthar - that's the one with real pirates and hoochies.

    kfarmer - it'll happen. Yup, $5 a pop... pretty good deal, I know.

  6. Anonymous Hitchhiker 

    But can you use the bar stools in the "bloody rogue"? ... perhaps a few rogue bloody barstools will remain after the pirates are done..

  7. Blogger lecram sinun 

    hitchhiker - stools of blood??? that's sick and wrong! lol!

  8. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Thought a lot of you blog. Here's a great place you might like bar & kitchen stools.

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