I go out for just a bit...

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... so that I can escape the trick or treaters that I swear are bussed into my neighborhood. I head down to the local pub for a drink and this is what I run into...

9 Responses to “I go out for just a bit...”

  1. Blogger kien lim 

    nice monsters....

  2. Blogger Lelly 

    Halloween really wasn't celebrated here until a few (10??!) years ago...certainly didn't impact on our lives when we were young. Now we are plagued by little (and not so little) monsters...I mean kids...taking advantage of trick or treating to terrorise goodies out of you...usually mob-handed and not even in costume! So yesterday we turned most of the lights out and ignored the door, but I bought a big pile of sweets anyway 'just in case' (eh?? Go figure that one!)
    As we successfully ignored the door knocker all evening there is now a big bowl of sugar and E numbers glowering at me from the coffee table making me feel guilty for being such a kill-joy! Cavities, anyone?

  3. Blogger Lelly 

    PS I did carve the pumpkin and do the face make-up for my godchildren Izzy (7 - a witch) and Jack (3 - a skeleton, although, as usual, he wanted to wear 'his' fairy dress...so I'm not a total grinch! :-)

  4. Blogger Ms Bees Knees 

    Great picures! I love the guy with the mullet ::shudder::... [that *is* part of his costume, right?]

  5. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Kien - and monsters ther are too!

    Lelly - Yeah, I commented on Ms. Bees blog that I think that trick or treat is fast becoming the training ground for the terrorist of tomorrow.

    Ms.Bees - For some strange reason mullets ruled last night. God help us!

  6. Blogger MacManus 

    They invaded your final refuge...bastards! LOL

    Wonder Womans got a "wonderful" Rack on her...Lucky I wasn't there or I would have been trying to throw stuff down there all night LMAO

  7. Blogger lecram sinun 

    paul - Yeah, I noticed that rack too... go figure!

  8. Blogger Lyvvie 

    I think I used to date the black leather cop on the left...

    And did you wear?

  9. Blogger lecram sinun 

    lyvvie - I went as the scariest person I know... ME!

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