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I got tagged by the_mrs... so here goes.

I changed the first one... from "Seven things that attract me to my husband" to "Seven things that attract me to a woman"

1.) Brains and the active use of it- probably the sexiest organ in the body.
2.) Compassion (not particularly the "Aw, poor baby... " type... although that will do in a pinch.)
3.) A Sense of Humor... and the ability to laugh at the absurdities of life.
4.) Independance.
5.) Passion.
6.) Common interests to make things fun.
7.) Enough differences to make things interesting.

Seven Things to Do Before I Die:

1.) Follow my Bliss.
2.) Write that "one" show.
3.) Make some kind of positive difference at least within my immediate sphere.
4.) Travel to all those great ancient places.
5.) Conquer all my bad habits.
6.) Making it... whatever "it" is.
7.) Becoming that crazy old coot who says "Git out of my yard... damn kids!"

Seven Things I Cannot Do:

1.) I cannot understand most languages.
2.) I cannot speak most languages.
3.) I cannot write in most languages.
4.) I cannot tolerate those who won't try.
5.) I cannot finish writing my play.
6.) I cannot find my sanity.
7.) I cannot take someone's life.

Seven Things I Say Most Often:

1.) That being said...
2.) Yo, bubba!
3.) Hmmm... not really.
4.) Can I get back to you?
5.) If I can... you can.
6.) Why yes... yes it is!
7.) Scotch rocks, please.

Seven Books (or Book Series) I Love:
I don't read much anymore but...

1.) Anything by Kurt Vonnegut
2.) The "Faraway Tree" series by Enid Blyton (still remember those from when I was a kid)
3.) Old "Mad Magazines" before they started putting ads in them
4.) Spoof novels like "Bored of the Rings."
5.) Catch 22
6.) Most Biographies
7.) "Holy Books" (religion is a hobby)

Seven Movies I Would Watch Over and Over Again:

1.) The Godfather Trilogy (every 6-9 months)
2.) Love Actually (fast becoming a Christmas favorite)
3.) Bridge on the River Kwai (and anything by David Lean)
4.) Brazil
5.) Searching for Bobby Fischer
6.) All That Jazz
7.) Casablanca

Seven People I Tag To Do Seven Sevens:

Not tagging anyone... but if you feeling like playing... you are welcome to.

9 Responses to “Sevens - tagged by the_mrs”

  1. Blogger the_mrs 

    I feel bad tagging people :( I loved your 7's on what attracts you to a woman...perfect answers :)

    I too, cannot find my sanity...;)

  2. Blogger lecram sinun 

    the_mrs - I actually had to put some thought into this one.... but it was fun trying! :)

  3. Blogger Sasha 

    oh, oh! i LOOOVE "love actually"! it's the best love story(ies) i've ever seen! which part do you like best? oh, before you could answer i'll tell you which one's mine: the "to me, you are perfect" flash cards to keira knightley! :)

  4. Blogger Sasha 

    i'm stealing this ok? :)

  5. Blogger lecram sinun 

    sasha - by all means steal it! LOL! Yeah, "Love Actually" is a pretty damn fine movie! The scene you described is very bitter-sweet... and well done in the movie.

  6. Blogger Rain 

    ... It's everywhere we go,
    Christmas is all around us,
    So c'mon n let it show. :)

    (with slight amendments :)

  7. Blogger Tish 

    I have filled out the Seven Sevens! :)

  8. Blogger lecram sinun 

    rain - welcome to my insanity! Come back soon!

    tish - yeah, I just read yours! Cool stuff!

  9. Blogger KFarmer 

    still and yet another layer unfolds- wonderful.

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