It was the weekend of nothingness...

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... and I liked it. The much awaited Spring Break is here and I lived out my standard answer to what I was going to do for it... as little as possible.

Saturday was shopping day. Supplies had to be stocked but I was done by early afternoon. From that point on my activities included lounging, napping, movies and an easily (arm's length) reachable supply of food and drink. And on Sunday was the same with the exception that I started watching movies from 7 AM. A glorious start to a not working week.

This morning I just may head over to the local coffee-shop and gab with the gang about nothing in particular.

I'll give you an update when I get back all hopped up on the java bean.


So I got the following email a couple of days ago from my friend Lawyer S:...

My friend Charlie (Tom's Trains) got his first new shoes in 10 years. Problem feet. Each foot a different size. So, my friend Charlie bought two pairs -- evidently during a black out. Charlie claims a pretty woman went by just as he was picking up the box for the second pair and that he remembers nothing until outside the store carrying his new shoes.Yes, I made that last sentence up, so if you want construct your own damn version.There will be a public burning of the 10 year old pair in a few days at Charlie's 60th birthday party where the theme will be "Senility Can Never Come Too Soon".

Anyway, today I get to the coffeeshop and run into Charlie. Here is photographic evidence of the offending footwear in question. (click for larger views.)

So, there is a shoe burning in a couple of weeks. I'll try to get photographic evidence of that too.

Now I get back to lounging for another movie marathon.

8 Responses to “It was the weekend of nothingness...”

  1. Blogger Solitaire 

    Awesome! I loved SB when I was teaching... sigh... I need a vacation!

  2. Blogger lime 

    sounds great! do enjoy every minute of it.

  3. Blogger KFarmer 

    A well deserved rest after all your labors, enjoy!

    Is it Friday yet? Have I ever mentioned that I was not very good at waiting, even though good things, etc. and all :)

  4. Blogger Aethlos 

    so glad i found your blog!... through bee's, of course (ye are a cunning linguist thee!) :)

  5. Blogger lecram sinun 

    Solitaire - You know me... I'll take all the breaks I can. LOL!

    lime - I fully intend to. Thank you.

    KFarmer - last I looked it was monday. LOL! Damn, this last section better be good, huh?

    Aethlos - pull up a chair. any friend of bees is welcome here!

  6. Blogger KFarmer 

    Hurrah for Charlie and his NEW SHOES! Hoo Hoo! Throw in a match for me :)

  7. Blogger snavy 

    LOL at burning the shoes!!!

    10 years ...damn!

  8. Blogger ravenstears 

    Ridiculously cute dog :) and thank you for your comments again

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