thoughts I may not have shared # 1

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These are thoughts that may or may not have any validity to any one but me. Thoughts that may have emerged fleeting, half-baked, or not fully realized for rational discussion. Thoughts that may be obtuse, idiotic and hints at me straddling the edge of insanity or extreme stupidity. Thoughts... just thoughts.

Thought #1: Faces tell so much about the person.

Looking at faces I see the nature of the person who wears it. The cover does clue in on the content of the book. It's not about the physical - yet, all about it. The face reveals the heart, soul and desires of the person who owns it. Through the face I get a sense of their past - hurts, joys, and triumphts that rule their present. Even through physical beauty their levels of pettiness, or compassion shines through. The photograph may only capture an instant of this ever evolving mirror to the individual... so, it denies us the "big picture." It is the physical experience of the face within a short amount of time that one can experience the "wholeness" of the person. What drives them... what motivates them... what they want or need... what turns them on or off... what makes them... them. It is the face that we first come into contact with. It is the face that attracts or repels ... that ultimately provides insight about who we are and what we are looking for... what we choose to see or turn a blind eye to.

17 Responses to “thoughts I may not have shared # 1”

  1. Blogger Solitaire 

    I have to agree with you there my friend. Your thoughts almost make me wonder what people see when they look at my face. I see the past, the scars, the emotions, the wounds when I look in the mirror. Is the reflection I see the face everyone else sees?

  2. Blogger aughra 

    I worry sometimes, because my face is so expressive.

  3. Blogger dusty 


    For me its the eyes.

  4. Blogger thereminman 

    for me, it's their penis or their vagina.

  5. Blogger thereminman 

    sorry I just wanted to say that.

  6. Anonymous Anonymous 

    i'm with dusty. the eyes are "windows to the soul" or some such nonesence. i'm terrified of people looking into mine by the way. isn't that odd?

  7. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Ze eyes haf eet!

  8. Blogger Deadly Female 

    My face is a complete giveaway to the person I am......

  9. Blogger airplanejayne 

    ditto dusty,bees, and kien: the eyes, the eyes!

    The face be but a mask, the eyes, a window to the soul.

    but then again, penises and vaginas are good too.....

  10. Blogger KFarmer 

    I think you know my facination w/eyes : I also like the way people smell :0)

  11. Blogger lecram sinun 

    For you "eye people"... I agree that the eyes betray... but in my experience, it's the total package with the face that reveals. :)

  12. Blogger jade ed girl 

    Reminds me of Cindy Lou Hoo's story. Which I could link to...if I bloody knew how!!

  13. Blogger airplanejayne 

    you said package....

  14. Blogger lime 

    yews eyes betray but so do the lines that develop over time...are they happy wrinkles, angry wrinkles or sad ones....

  15. Anonymous Anonymous 

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  16. Blogger Lolly 

    I do love to look at pictures of faces - makes you wonder what they are about. But I'm no good at reading them. Because I had to take some speech lessons when I was 5 yrs old, I've always watched people's mouths when they talk. When I look at their eyes, I forget to listen to what they're saying!
    I'm new to your blog. Do you have a picture of your face anywhere? You've aroused my curiosity.

  17. Blogger lecram sinun 

    lolly - there are some scattered around the blog. The guy who looks like rasputin. LOL!

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