big fat raindrops...

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... fell from the sky as I drove home from work today. I rather enjoyed it actually. Since I've been here the fat variety has been sparse. Mostly it sprinkles with the fine spray sort... what we would call a drizzle back from where I come from. So, the fat raindrops actually got me rather nostalgic for the days back in Malaysia when it poured. Weird how the strangest things can jog the memory to a time and place.

7 Responses to “big fat raindrops...”

  1. Blogger KFarmer 

    Ain't it though...I hear RC and you know I live in Ga.

    Did anyone today tell you that you were kind? Well, you are. I should know. :)


  2. Blogger dusty 

    I love a good rain..I am tired of the spritzing that passes for rain in here the valley. I really love the sound of it, I can lay in the dark with the tv off ,my music off and just listen to it rain.

  3. Blogger lime 

    oh it really is something isn't it? there is nothing quite like a tropical downpour during rainy season or being in a house with a tin roof when it pours so hard youcan't hear people speak when they are yelling, hehehe.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    When I was a boy in Malaysia, the rain gave me relief from the heat and it was then I could imagine what it could be like in a cooler climate of a place like England. The irony is that now when it rains here in England, it reminds me of Malaysia and when I used to imagine what it could be like here!

  5. Blogger lecram sinun 

    KFarmer - you are kind to say so. :)

    dusty - I know. I was laying in bed refusing to get up for work until the very last minute.

    lime - LOL... yeah, you know of what we speak of. Then after the rain the smell of wet earth fills the air.

    kien - ironic, huh? I was actually remembering camp times at John Valley when it poured.

  6. Blogger Trashed 

    Had the same thoughts this weekend when it poured down here. Same but different.

    When did Kien grow up ? Hahaha.

    BTW, John's Valley does not exist anymore, so you are not going to be re-visiting that place but only in your mind.

  7. Blogger Aethlos 

    days in malaysia? did you live in kl? i lived in thailand and indonesia... that's where they make REAL raindrops.

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