Bloggiversary - It's been a year already????

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Where did the time go? Well, at least with this blog I have a chronicle of events that I never had before... many with picture evidence. It's really tomorrow... but I thought I'd post it tonight.

When I began blogging in March most of my postings were a bit of a bitch fest. By April a small blog pod had emerged among some people I know. They included Jade, APJ, Kien, Vert, my long lost cousin Lelly and SSM. (BTW... the picture on the right inspired SSM's blog name.) Thereminman has kept commenting but has refused to get a blog of his own.

For the most part my early posts were stabs at re-igniting my "write engine". I had been a playwright (who hadn't written anything new in over 5 years) and I was using blogging to get back in the game. So, it became a journal of sorts. I think it was in June or July that my "blog voice" so to speak began to emerge and develop. Since then I've participated in Half-Nekkid Thursdays, posted my own Picture Daze and snippets from Plays I Have Written (look in the sidebar for links to these) and even started a meme.

Along the way I have read and "met" many wonderful folk in blogland. Some have stuck. Some haven't. Some still float in and out. Through YOUR blogs I have been privy to joys, pains, confusion, elation, political discontent, personal triumphs, and some damn fine stories.

Through my blog I have reminisced about days gone by. I have recorded recent experiences. I have reconnected with friends and family. I have vented. I have posted pictures of my ass. Friends have on occasion half-jokingly accused me of "spending too much time," or "pandering to the masses." or " going off the edge" but I have continued with as much honesty and candor and (hopefully) fun as I can.

My 50th show was written and inspired by postings on this blog. For that I am thankful. For those of you who have visited and commented... a mighty Thank You! You have been (and I hope continue to be) my connection to all that is wonderful about life outside of my immediate sphere.

Overall, I have to say that having this blog has given me both an honest and creative outlet. Looking over the posts over the last year ( and reading the comments) the statement I made when asked about blogging still stands true...

"It's like meeting at the town square exchanging, opinions, stories and sharing bits and pieces of our lives."

See you at the town square soon!


15 Responses to “Bloggiversary - It's been a year already????”

  1. Blogger dusty 

    Happy Bloggiversary Marcel!!! Its a joy to come over to your blog every day and see what pearls you have put up.

  2. Blogger snavy 

    A very happy bloggiversary!!! Flip, pick and riff was by far, my all time favorite meme's. Your creativity is inspiring!!

    Here's to you!! Cheers!!

  3. Blogger Carlyjayjay 

    Happy Bloggiversary. Yours is one of those blogs that strangers grow attached to. Hey, you should be a writer or something. ;)

  4. Blogger yep, it's me.... 

    ahhhh.. floated in just in time to say ...........happy anniversary

  5. Blogger KFarmer 

    Cheers! to you too and Happy Blogaversary (and many more!)

    I enjoy meeting at the town square-You are both a joy and treasure.

  6. Blogger Mark Leslie 

    Happy Bloggiversary! Like you, I started blogging last March, in an attempt to write every day (tossing out my physical writing journal and started an e-journal of sorts)

    What a great trip, and a nice summary of your past year. Glad to see that the blog itself helped inspire further writing. Congrats on a great year.

  7. Blogger aughra 

    happy anniversary.

  8. Blogger lime 

    i LOVE that i bumped into you at the town square. I have been so encouraged and inspired by your own efforts to revive your own creativity. It has encouraged me to do the same and for that I am quite grateful. Your openess and candor have been really wonderful and I've truly enjoyed soaking in the stories you've shared about growing up, or the people you've come across in life's travels. It has been a delight. Happy blogiversary! Here's to many more!

  9. Blogger airplanejayne 

    most excellent! on, Garth.

  10. Blogger Solitaire 

    Happy Birthday To You!!! (in my best Monroe voice I can muster)

    Thanks for getting me on this crazy blog thang! You rock!!!!

  11. Blogger KaMotion 

    Happy Bloggiversary!!!

    You sat down and wrote somrthing everyday. I'm am both inspired and envious.

  12. Blogger lecram sinun 

    dusty - think I've been posting more swine than pearls! LOL!

    snavylyn - your f,p&f was one of my faves! :)

    Carlyjayjay - I'll be sure to give that writing thing a go. :)

    velma - I for one am glad you floated this way.

    KFarmer - as are you. :)

    Mark Leslie - as I commented on your post - blogging is the perfect distraction for writers. LOL!

    aughra - thank you!

    lime - yours is one of my faves for wit and insight. Blog on! :)

    apj - will do.

    sol - does that song come with the dress? LOL!

  13. Blogger lecram sinun 

    KaMotion - you too can... :)

  14. Blogger Mellissa 


    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and your Blog!!

    I hope you got my card ;-)

    Lots of love from Atlanta!


  15. Blogger Lee Ann 

    Happy Bloggiversary! What you said is so true...We live happily ever after in the Land of Blog, far, far away! ;)

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