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Posting early as I have loads to do today. As per Os' instructions... here is my very first HNT ::blush:: that was posted August 4 of last year. Since then, I've posted a few more... quite a few more than the 16 that are posted in my sidebar. Celebatory pictures (part 2) will be posted later in the day. Next week we will return to continue "the theatre I had" HNT series. Happy HNT Anniversary, Os and Everyone!

Let me introduce you to Jimmy. Jimmy is my left hand. Jimmy was a victim of Mr. Polio when I was 4 and a half months old. Actually, half my body was affected but Mr. Polio only left one defect... Jimmy. It was my parents who named him. (The right hand is Audrey.) I have other body parts with names butthatsanotherstorynevermindanyway... I thought Jimmy was the perfect subject for my first Half-Nekkid Thursday.

Over the years Jimmy and I have heard it all: cripple, one-arm bandit, handicap, disabled, etc. I prefer "inconvenienced." It seems a lot more appropriate ... at least for me. Thanks to my upbringing my parents set me on the path of independence from the "git go." For this I thank them.

Most people who meet me hardly notice Jimmy... and when they do they are all beside themselves apologizing for not noticing in the first place. It usually happens when Jimmy takes on a strange pose (like in the picture) and they freak. Then they suddenly look at Audrey and the obvious difference in size and ability between the 2 hands.

Most Popular Question: Can he feel anything?
Answer: You Betcha!

Over the years I have noticed that beautiful women like to hold, fondle and play with Jimmy. Jimmy has been a wonderful asset... and not just with the women. Jimmy has allowed me to explore abilities that I may not have considered if I was completely able-bodied. I sometimes say "If you want to find the easy way to do something... just ask the cripple guy."

Oh... and the second pic will be up later tonight!

UPDATE: Later!

So, we went out for an anniversary drink. The ladies were out and about. Jimmy had one too many (trying to impress the girls as usual)... insisted on jumping up on the table to dance... wearing a lamp-shade... with the lamp still attached! I swear I can't take him anywhere! So, there you have it... Jimmy in party mode.

Happy HNT Anniversary to all!


Girl At Bar: OMG... Is that a cigarette?

Jimmy: I'm just happy to see you!


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