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I decided to bring the laptop down here today and take advantage of the free WiFi. The sun is out and there is a pleasant cool breeze... conditions... just right. It's on mornings like these while sitting under the shade of the only olive tree on Olive Ave. that the usual crew is at it's best.

At the moment the discussion revolves around Judge Judy and TV judges and how much they get paid to dispense justice on the tube. Mind you, there are 2 lawyers here and one of them is of the Federal persuasion. The java has kicked in and now the conversation has veered off to the possibility of TV judges sentencing someone to death.

Ahh... now the Bush bashing has begun. Just a little one. They actually went all of 10 minutes this morning without doing that. LOL! Oh, and someone brought an April 1969 issue of Playboy featuring a pictorial spread of Brigit Bardot... but somehow we are getting more of a kick checking out the ads that ran in the magazine then... plus an entire spread of fashion that we are sure was used as research for the Austin Powers movies.

On to other news...

The New York Times recently featured a travel article on the Big NO. You can read all about it here. I love the fact that they mentioned that the city has got a bum rap and touts it as a quirky destination. Yeah, I can just see the tourista dollars rolling in now!

Speaking of which... one of the places featured in the NYT article, Full Circle Brewing, will be the venue on June 22 where Thereminman and I will remount our Rogue shows. He will open with "The Ill-Advised Solo Show" followed by my "Lies My Father Told Me." It's only $5... so, if you happen to be in this neck of the woods... come on by! I can tell you the beer's really good.

EDIT: 8:59 PM
OK... I'm going back and forth on whether I should go out dancing tonight to the Beatles cover band, Ticket To Ride, over at the Starline... or just stay home and chill.

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