friday... it's finally here!

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O.K., Kfarmer... came up with this for the "Bum Rap" pitch (look 3 posts down) ... I think she may just have a second career in da biz! Read, enjoy and put your own beats to it!

These are for "Ah know ah Stank, Wot's Yo Excuse"

Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo! Mah name is P-Britches for all yo Bitches!
Gang, gang, ahm a member of da Card Board Gang
Sleeping under bridges and stanking ma thang.
So ah knows Ah stank, wots yo excuse?
Drinking double fisted, got cha sum Gin & Juice.
Game, game, ah know yo game
Hot running water, got cha some sweet pu-tang
Play, play, play all day
While ah scrub in da ribber yo freaking all day
So ah know I stank, wots yo excuse?
Drinking double fisted got cha some gin & juice...

I think from this point we call her "Grand Mistress K/T"!

And now... the weekend movie selection.

I really like this movie. Perhaps because I've been a Ripperhead since the tender age of 10. I remember coming across a book that featured some of the actual photos of the victims... and I read it over and over again. But, I digress.

Back to From Hell... it's based on the graphic novel of the same name, stars Johnny Depp (go ahead... drool, ladies), Heather Graham (eh), Robbie Coltrane and Ian Holm and was directed by the Hugh Brothers. I really like this movie... it has atmosphere for days. It has to be explained that I was (and still am) quite a fan of the old horror movies from Hammer Films (slim on plot but fat on mood) ... so, perhaps that has colored my perception just a tad.

Anyway, the plot (and has lots of it) of this movie follows one of the 4 most popular theories on Jack the Ripper... and does a good job of it. Instead of following Jack... it follows Inspector Abberline who is investigating the murders. It's dark, moody and gloomy - all served up with a great sense of style... not something to watch with the kids. I especially love the accurate depictions of where the murders happen. The film-makers really took great pains with the production design in this movie... and it shows. I would say more but that would have to include spoilers. It's one of my favorite "Ripper" movies of all time. If you're looking for some good suspence and horror, check it out... perhaps accompanied with a little touch of absinthe! Here's a couple of quotes from the movie.

Sir Charles Warren: My God. He's out of his mind.
Abberline: That's very astute of you sir.

Mary Kelly: England doesn't have whores, just a great mass of really unlucky women.

Have a great weekend y'all!


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