Last night I hit the shower...

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... to wash the grime of the day off me. I was fully expecting to go out after. But when I got into the shower the warm water gushing out lulled me into the need to hit the sack. So, I did.

Woke up early this morning and watered the lawn. Also decided that I will not be planting veges this season. It's just too late (for me) and I'm just not feeling it right now. Of course this may change in a day or two... we'll see. I could just get a wild hair and be a planting fool by next weekend.

I'm really in the mood for some Indian food today. Hmmm... gotta do something about that... and I think I will.

More later... perhaps.

EDIT:12:27 PM
I drove to my favorite Indian place today... but they were closed. Swung back around and went to the usual watering-hole and put in an order of chicken quesedillas. While waiting outside for the order I evesdropped on a conversation that 2 women in their 20's were having in the next table.

W1 : So, I think the rest of the day I'll get this paper done and then I'll have to watch Grey's Anatomy and cry.

W2: I need to meet the "girls" then go home and watch The Simpsons and cry.

W1: (giggling) You cry at The Simpsons?

W2: I'll cry at anything.

W1: Me too.

W2: That's one thing men will never get about us... we cry. We will cry at anything. I'll be watching a commercial and in 3 seconds I'll be blubbering.

W1: Dude, I cry at concerts... hard rock, head-banging concerts.

W2: I was driving over to pick you up today and I was crying... just because they were playing Frank Sinatra on the radio.

W1: (sigh)

W2: (sigh)

At this point my food arrived and I left thankful for the entertainment of sitting, waiting and listening.

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