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Last night was not just an HNT (see below) party... it was also a welcome back to the Big No party for SSM. Sure, we could have had it after he returned (which he is supposed to today)... we figured - WHY WAIT??? Sometimes it's a lot more fun without the guest of honor.

There were banners, a parade of naked women... explosives. OK... there were banners. But it was a grand time nevertheless - AND EVERYONE GOT DRUNK & LAID!! Here is some picture proof.

Some other blogs will carry pictures of this event too... plus their own version of the party we had - selective memory at these things run rampant. Those blogs will be linked here as they announce their posting in my comment section.

Want to get in on the action... go ahead! Make up your own party for SSM!

EDIT: This is worse than I thought KOWBOI is reporting a Gimley naked ass sighting... APJ's talking about getting jiggy and Zonthar apparently has woken up in a whole different hemisphere. When we throw a party... it's a partay! Now where the hell is Jade Ed?

And now... the weekend movie selection!

I used to be pretty leery with adaptations of Shakespeare's works ... until this movie came along. Scotland PA is a reworking of "the scottish play" and is one of the best things I've seen in a long time. Starring James LeGros, Maura Tierney and Christopher Walken , it is set in a small Pennsylvania town and utilizes most of the major plot points to great effect.

The "kingdom" in this case is Duncan's Diner which the owner, Duncan, is thinking of converting into a drive-in. Set in the 70's with a soundtrack almost exclusively by Bad Company, this movie does a wonderful job showing us how idiotic these characters really are. Walken as Lieutenant McDuff is truly an inspired choice! Oh, and Andy Dick plays one of the 3 witches... and the "out, out, damn spot" sequence is totally a stroke of genius!

I would say more but it would spoil the experience if you have never watched it before. So, instead... I'll just leave you with some quotes from the movie.

Stacy: I see... a bank. A Spanish bank?
Jesse: El banko!
Joe 'Mac' McBeth: You mean Banko? He's not a... he's not a bank. He's a... a friend of mine. Anthony Banconi. Banko.
McDuff: What do you think of Malcolm?
Mrs. Lenox: Oh, well. I think he's rude, selfish and evil. But I never once judged him.
Pat McBeth: We're not bad people, Mac... just underachievers who have to make up for lost time.
Have a great weekend!


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