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EDIT: 11:24 AM
I have always loved this version of the song... and this weekend it speaks to my mood. Enjoy!

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I got a late start on Thursday. I decided that I would sleep in for a bit then go get the laundry done. Now that it's all official (see post below)... I figured I'd just ease into my new freedom on my own time.

The celebatory drinks the night before were sweetened by the company of Mustang and RP - both of whom were wonderful and supportive (though I did catch a glimpse of "poor stupid bastard" head shaking for an instant there). Kowboi and gang also turned up and the patio bar became quite the lively venue.
There was a moment of panic though when I arrived home with the wash today to find (or in this case NOT FIND) my mother at home. Over a year ago, something similar happened and I received a call informing me that she had fallen and was in the hospital. I didn't panic this time. I waited - hoping perhaps one of my friends had come over and taken her for a drive (which she quite likes and often pesters for one). Turns out she was at a neighbors. Phew!
Well, this weekend I am holding a barbecue (on Sunday) for an invited audience where Thereminman and I will perform snippets of our upcoming show. (Yes, we will be doing that in my garage theater!) We hope this audience will :-
  • Be so bowled over by the snippet they experience that they will bring a ton of people to the show.
  • Our preview will be so bad they will bring a ton of people to our show just to watch us bomb big-time on stage.
Either way it's a win-win. Was on the horn with SSM earlier and I think we're serving tri-tips and fancy sausages for Sunday's gig.

Oh, and I received an email from a local reporter who stated that he loved the press release (and there would be a small something in the paper on Sunday). I think the fact that I included the text from this had something to do with it.

weekend movie selection

This is one of those movies one picks up at the rental place purely out of morbid curiosity just because of the make up of the cast. I mean Alfonso Arau (who directed "Like Water For Chocolate") directs a movie with Cheech Marin, Sharon Stone and Woody Allen - WTF? Then, you take it home pop it in... and it's a funny and entertaining movie!

"Picking Up The Pieces" starts off with a man who kills his somewhat slutty wife - disposes of the body - all except her severed hand that is frozen in the "bird flip" position - which through a series of mishaps becomes- a religious icon!!! Yep, pretty damn funny! One of those movies to watch with a beer or three (coronas are good) and a healthy helping of chips and salsa.

This is a wonderful piece of the absurd played out fast and furious to fun delight. I would even go so far as to call it a "party movie". Check it out if you can. No quotes from the movie... but here is a link to the trailer.

Have a Great Weekend!


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