Wow! I actually got stuff...

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... accomplished today. It actually felt good. (Note to self: Get stuff accomplished everyday... just to feel good.)

So, I am starting to get out and about again. My sorjurn is done. Time to move forward once more and step on the pedal. The rest-stop was nice... but there is more world and life out there to explore. (And I hope it never stops.)

For the last week or so I have been thinking about what was and how I got here. ::warning: semi-introspective wanker crap up ahead --- last exit here.::

Kinda explains the nature of posts over the last 3 days, huh?

I was actually thinking that I use to think about more... a lot more. It's not that I have become complacent... just more selective about what I'm going to try to figure out. Not that I've figured out the other things that I use to think about... but don't now. Lets face it... there are some things that one just has to accept. There are some things that just don't deserve the energy to try to figure out. There are some things that hit you in the face and you only understand its impact years later. Some of these we drop along the way just for self-preservation.

Is that section of memory on overload, hibernate or sealed in a secret vault somewhere? Are we moving on or locking away? Do the slivers of experience mount to a vivid panorama or a plain grey room with dust in the corners? Can you just look in the mirror, smile and say, "Yes?"

Go figure... or not.

::wanker distraction over::

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