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I've been pulling up all sorts of things of late. Video clips, music and movies... going in a dozen directions at the same time. Plus obsessing on this and that. When this happens it usually means I'm ready to jump off the cliff of reason and plunge into the fire of creation. So, looks like I'm embarking on "Ms.White..." since I've entered it into the Rogue.

I'm putting myself on edge and hoping it will transfer into the work. Working up a froth, so to speak. To this end I am not going to light up one cigarette while writing. I really need to cut down and/or give up... so, expect Morty to make an appearance or five. This means that my posts here are probably going to be a little off-kilter.

One of the movies I usually pull out to watch just to get into the head zone is Bob Fosse's "All That Jazz". Here is a 10 minute clip of the opening. What is totally brilliant about it is that within this first 10 minutes... all the exposition you would ever need about the character and situation is laid out without condescending (and over explaining) to the audience. Plus it's totally theatrical and also provides a level of intrigue (the lady in white).

EDIT: 10:35 PM
Have also put together a "write-track" of what I'll be listening to while I write. I'll post one everyday. HERE is the first one. (Hint: If you right-click and "save target/link as..." you'll be able to download it to your computer.)

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