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I have lived in this neighborhood for the past 16 odd years. It is nestled in the Tower District - the cultural part of town... but that's a count for another time.

The actual area I live in was once called Normal Heights. Most of the homes around here were built between the 19-teens and the 1940's... every one of which has a character and personality of it's own. How I lucked upon the house I now own is also for another count.

It is the people in neighborhood though that make the place. We all look out for each other without getting into each other's business. There is always a friendly wave hello or goodbye when we pass each other. If assistance is needed it is given without reluctance. We exchange goodies during the holidays and we have been known to block off the street for communal 4th of July barbecues. It is a pretty and very sought after area to live in.

The film director Sam Peckinpah grew up in the house across the street from mine. (top right in this picture) It is also a very protective neighborhood. Jeffery Dahmer's mother use to live down the street and when he was killed in prison... everyone parked their cars on the curb just to keep the news trucks at bay and away from her house.

This place has been my sanctuary, playground, and home for all these years. It has been kind to me in challenging times and a peaceful joy in others. I really could not have asked to live in a nicer place in my adopted land... and count it in a big way.

BTW... Adam posted a couple of days early.

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Cheers and have a great one!

EDIT: 7:55 AM - Time Wasters

According to THIS SITE... this is what the true love of my life looks like. Yeah. I'm not holding my breath though.

Check out THIS VIDEO of the acappella Latvian group Cosmos, performing Billie Jean.

This one is for Lime.


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