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Yay! After futzing about with an autorun creator program for 3 hours the finished product looks pretty good. I'm not making the kind of money that I can retire on... but at least it's something. Hopefully it will lead to more clients down the road soon. This means even more breathing room to do other things. I still do have more computer projects in the works but I can space them out in a more reasonable fashion. One of them is working on junglewebs and the other is (finally) getting my playsite up. Oh, and I updated the Performer Info page to reflect the most current number of applicants for next year's Rogue. Boy, am I becoming a geek or what?

This newly found spare time and (ever so) slight infusion of cash may also mean I can make plans to go to the Big Fresno Fair! It started tonight. I just may have a date to play the ponies with SSM... provided of course he hasn't already been locked up as an insurgent. And if we only have fun (lose money betting) there is always all that fine fair food to stuff our hairy faces with. We could also go check out the livestock and see who the latest diva with the prize winning udders is this year. And lets not forget the produce... afterall, this region is known as the breadbasket of the world. But SSM may already have been whisked to an undisclosed location by the federalis... in which case... any takers for corndogs, cinnamon rolls and lemonade? And do any of you just happen to have a hot tip on race five? I wanna make my money grow.

Oh yeah... this also means I can catch up on your blogs.

EDIT: 11:10 AM
I head out to the coffeeshop early this morning to meet my client to deliver the goods and get paid. (Boy, does this sound like a drug deal or what?) I then deposit the check at the bank and head to the local chicken pie shop to get some brunch nosh for Mum and me. It's one of our favorites... baked chicken pie and rice pudding. I come home to find that she has fallen while attempting to hang some clothes up. I get her back on her feet and to her room. I make sure there is food and drink nearby. I don't make a fuss and treat this minor incident as just part of the day. She's fine and resting... just a little shook up. Two conflicting thoughts whizz through my brain. 1. What did she ever do to deserve a horrible son like me... and 2. This is exactly one of the reasons I quit my job just so I can be close at the homestead. I think I'll stay close to home for the rest of the day.

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