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Today I'm counting all of you who have left kind comments on the news of my friend's recent loss. You didn't have to... I didn't ask you to... but you did. That speaks volumes! I told him about it yesterday and sent him an e-mail today with a link here. I am very moved by the compassion you have expressed and I'm sure he will take comfort in it as well.

Just a note: The words that flash in Da Count come from a play of mine that was originally dedicated as a gift to 2 girls on the celebration of their birth the year it was created. The play was about celebrating life... one of those girls, Laura, has now left this one. Her father, my friend was in the original production. Last night... despite his own devastating loss... it was he who provided comfort to us with his own embrace of life.

I am also counting the special pod of friends I joined to visit him last night... as well as others who could not be there... you know who you are. We may have had our differences on this strange journey over the years... but that has only made our association with each other interesting. And those differences always dissipated to preserve the friendship. However, when it came down to the brass tacks... you guys always came through with flying colors. I hope that I have and continue to come through for you as well. Your presence in my life (no matter how kooky my ideas may have been) has truly been a joy and an honor.

All of you have and continue to allow me to celebrate life.

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